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Thread: Mystery breed - any clues? Kelpie x?

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    My first thought was Basenji Kelpie when I saw the pics in small form, but when I opened them up I thought he looked very Kelpie Corgi in that one on the beach. Lovey pup

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    Like previously said by others.... I can see the heeler too! By the ears & head shape but the colours look like a corgi.
    Good mystery!

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    I asked the lady running the rescue centre (before we went to see him) if he was a kelpie x corgi, she said she doubted it. His legs are quite tall. Not sure if the most obvious feature of a corgi's being its short legs would be a dominant feature (or not necessarily)? His colouring is really corgi like however, but a few people have suggested a fox terrier is probably the other breed in his mix.

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    His head shape is very reminiscent of cattle dog indeed, as are his eyes and coat type and texture. Colour is always the least predictable way of picking a breed. He could have basenji, but other than colouring and pricked ears he doesn't really have any basenji structure clues.

    I would go with cattle x terrier.

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    I thought corgi too. It's the face.

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    He looks abit like a Basenji to me?? maybe x with Corgi? I dont know much about breeds but the Basenji I know as I looked it up when Hooch's DNA came back as part Basenji he is very very cute!!

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    Our neighbour had a corgi and I always thought he looked like our cattle dog, just a lot prettier.
    Lovely dog you have there.

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    I love these guessing games.Me personally have no clue about breeds, but do enjoy learning about why other more experienced dog people say why a type of breed might be present.

    Bitsa's are very good looking fur children full of wonderful characteristics of the melting-pot of genes.
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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    I probably leaning towards either kelpie x or cattle dog/heeler x (and the x possibly terrier). Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated.

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