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Thread: What to do during extended holiday?

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    Well - not many sleeps now before your big trip OS !

    Have fun, keep safe and don’t pick up anything you can’t carry home or you need to feed !

    Bon Voyage 2.jpg

    Maybe not totally appropriate – but just ‘cause I can – and I really like this song !

    aerosmith-leaving on the jet plane - YouTube

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    Thanks Riley!

    It will be great to get away for a bit. The in-laws will be with us for a week in Vancouver but I'm looking forward to the other 4 weeks

    The cats are off to the cattery on Saturday morning and then we will drive the dogs to Nev's on Saturday afternoon. I'm sure they'll love their stay!
    The house sitter we had staying here to look after the fish, mail etc dropped out last minute but someone from my partners work (who hates his housemates) has volunteered to stay here so it will be nice knowing that someone is looking after the house. That reminds me that I better tell the neighbours

    The only thing I'm hoping to pick up is a big diamond ring it's our 5yr anniversary while we're in Yosemite

    Will post lots of photos when I get back!!

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