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Thread: So few places to board a dog

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    Default So few places to board a dog

    In the area where I live there are so few places to board a dog. There was one, which met my requirements, but it closed down. I now have the choice of the RSPCA, which is also the place where the local council places the abandoned dogs, and where, after leaving her there for a week, I found her very depressed - looked like she hadn't been exercised - she was miserable. My other choice is a place that charges firstly for the board, in a room with a bed, a lounge chair, a TV, and is air conditioned, but no outdoor access, then an extra hourly fee if you want your dog exercised. They also have what they call a "backpacker's area" - simply cages. Nothing else within a 80 k area. Looks like I will be staying at home for quite a while longer. Can't leave my dog to the tender mercies of either place.

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    Why not go on holiday with your pup ?

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