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    had to wait untill this cleared the courts, was out in the scrub when my dogs all converged on something, poory concealed was some automotive test equipment, scratched around and found a lot of it. went passed a vehicle on way out of scrub and some youths were sitting there asked how i was going and where i been. rang the police when i got home but they did not want to go there till morning. i said i don't think it will be there in the morning and said i am going back to guard it until they get there. i rang all the locla mechanics and nothing. cops ended up coming out and we walked for miles in pitch black and located it again. gave statements and we found a charged mobile phone with a string of texts organising the whole robbery. some $40 000 worth of stuff from TAFE. i stood on a needle when i was in there and told the cops but they did not say anything or put it in my statement until i refused to sign it.

    they caught all the guys early next morning and arrested them all based on the phone messages. been thru court now and convictions made. i just had my second blood test results and am clear of anything.

    my dogs are recorded on police files as witnesses lol

    just thought i would share my little brag.

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    Gawd Muttboy

    Thieves and needle stick injuries.

    I wonder why the cops were so reluctant? If it's not a murder (thought this story was going to be about a poorly concealed body) then they're not interested?

    So I hope you wear nice thick soled work boots out hiking now? I used to go everywhere barefoot when I was little, then I stepped on some broken glass and later a sea urchin in the surf. And now I don't even go barefoot at the beach.

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