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Thread: Amstaff and introductions!

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    Default Amstaff and introductions!

    G'day ladies and gentlemen,

    Let me start by filling you in on the scenario:

    My fiance and I have decided to take the plunge and start our family by finding ourselves a beautiful AmStaff. Now, here is where it gets interesting - Towards the end of the year (say, late December) we're moving interstate although currently residing at my parents house until moving day, where my mother has 3 cats and a small dog (Pom x Shitz), all of which get on terribly well. I'm thinking that is this an ideal environment to introduce the new puppy too - cats, other dogs, lots of people (and of course accompanied along side puppy preschool and obedience training). But I'm a little worried due to the Amstaff background (please, correct me if I'm wrong - that's why I'm here asking for guidance!), I've both read and heard that they tend to have trouble with other dogs and small fluffy things i.e my mothers cats and dog.

    I've done my research on the breed itself and the impact the bloodlines have, it's upbringing, how it interacts with the litter and how mum and dad were raised/treated

    I'm after any advice or guidance on whether or not we'll be fine to introduce a new Amstaff puppy to resident cats/dogs and even if raised with other fluffies.

    If I ever turn my back will it take after the cats and/or other dog?

    Thanks for your time guys, please don't hesitate to comment or ask further questions!



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    Hi Luke, and welcome

    I can't help much with the questions you have, but there are a few members here who I'm sure will have some answers for you. Good luck with it..

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    It's about getting a stable temperament dog and training it. Research your lines well and get the breeder to prove they are stable, don't just take people's words on it.

    I have a friend actually who is a registered breeder who will have a litter due soon, I help train his dogs for competitions and they've warmed me up to the breed totally with their easy going and social temperaments. Home - Lavoro Amstaffs

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    There's a breeder in SA that breeds these that I would avoid. He registers over 10 litters a year so seems more like a puppy farm than a "breeding for the betterment of the dog". He doesn't show either.

    So bottom line - I would want to meet the parent dogs, and see how they were, and see if they were living with any cats, or children and how they handled that - mostly its a matter of training but the bitch and other dogs at home can model appropriate behaviour for the puppies.

    As for the unsupervised... it's a general rule that you don't leave a powerful dog (or even a tiddly dog) alone with children or critters that will provoke it. Lots of people break that rule and mostly it works out ok but sometimes it doesn't. A lot of it has to do with parents being able to teach the dog what to do, always provide it a safe haven to go to (and the cat should have its own), and prevent the children from doing evil things like jamming a pencil in the dog's ear.

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    If you are bringing a puppy in you should have no issues as the puppy won't know any different. I successfully introduced a kitten into my house with 2 mature Amstaffs with a pretty good prey drive, it would have taken a month for them to not want to use it as a toy but now they get along fantasticly.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    And if you're moving from state to state - ensure you buy an ANKC registered Amstaff.

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