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Thread: Parvo virus for vaccinated dog??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunny-girl View Post
    Hooch was found at 9 month old so maybe it was too late for the vet to give him the booster? I am not sure?
    I feel torn about naming and shaming as I loved the woman who runs the rescue, she rescued my dog who we love so much. She saves so many lives every year and she devotes herself to it. My 10 year old son donated all his yearly savings to her rescue last year.

    For the life of me I do not understand why she did not tell my friend about it. My friend even rang her to ask why the pup is not eating properly and she told her that it may be just settling in issues and not to worry - while all the litter mates were sick with parvo!! My friend at the same phone conversation said oh Hooch is here for a play and the rescue lady did not say anything! (my friend also has an older dog!).
    I dont understand why she did not say anything and put 2 other dogs at risk!!?? I am so mad I blame her but I also blame myself for knowing better than to let him play with a pup that only had her vaccines.
    I got him some immune pills to help his immune system fight it off if he gets it.
    Any idea if found at 9 months old he should have had a booster to the normal vaccine? he only had the normal vaccine last year and this year, no boosters or puppy shots.
    If you are worried, ring a couple of vets and explain that it is unlikely that your dog has had his puppy shots and has had the two vaccinations. My guess is Hooch will be okay but a vet is who you need to consult. Did you explain the situation to the vet you spoke to?

    It is very remiss of the woman to have not told your friend and I would be inclined to speak to her in person. Dont be mad at yourself, I have allowed a couple of my adults to socialise with young pups plenty of times because they are nice stable dogs with puppies.

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    I rang the vet, they said no one knows what happened before we got him and that right now there is nothing we can do.
    I might also ring the original vet the rescue used to ask about the booster. It is not on any paperwork.
    I got him multivitamin plus tryptophan AND vitamin C tablets so hopefully his immune system will be working overdrive protecting my gorgeous pooch.
    We got him a super octopus stuffed toy to ruin so he is all happy. Fingers crossed he will be fine.
    My friend's pup has stopped vomiting so she might come home tonight but another litter pup who came home after feeling better died this morning What an awful disease!

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    I dont understand why she did not say anything and put 2 other dogs at risk!!?? I am so mad I blame her but I also blame myself for knowing better than to let him play with a pup that only had her vaccines.
    She looks not right in the head. How can she "save lives" but not inform people about parvo that kills dogs. If she was more helpful - she could save more lives. But she doesn't WTF. I would be trying to find out what is going on and there is no way I'd be doing anything to reward that kind of behaviour. No more donations or getting rescues from there - sometimes all you're doing is enabling an animal hoarder.

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    Just an update. Day 11 and no signs of Parvo so I am guessing we are in the clear.
    Vet explained that puppies get 2 lots of vaccines because they are still having their mum's antibodies so the vaccines might not be fully effective, however older dogs would not have any maternal anti bodies in them and therefor one vaccine would be enough. That is why Hooch only got one when he was rescued at 6-9 months old.
    The puppy survived and she is happily bossing the older dog around.
    Good news on both fronts!!

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