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    Default Dog/cat door

    I don't know how to google for this, so I'll ask the hive mind.

    I want to install a pet door in the internal laundry door. It has the cat litter tray and the dog and cat's food and water bowls and also access to the back yard. Eventually I'll get one of those pet door insert for the external sliding door, but for now I can just leave it open.

    But how do I pick a door that both my medium sized dog and my 4kg cat will be able to use? Will a door big enough for Banjo be too heavy for the cat? Anyone experience with this?

    (Maybe this should have gone in "Other pets" because the cat is more the problem here.)
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    Hi Beloz,
    We have a 190mm Wide x 240 Tall Petway door flap which works well with our German Pinscher 13kgx400mm to shoulders, prior to us living in this house the previous owners had a cat, the flap has a small magnet at the bottom that is easily pushed once the animal is trained. Hope this helps.

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    When I was looking at pet doors I saw some that were a floppy bit of plastic with a metal strip along the bottom and a magnet in the base of the door frame to hold the flap shut, I imagine those might be a bit easier to get through? I had a different problem, I was trying to find a cat flap big enough to get Dex's shoulders through, but he still hates using the door because he's so long, by the time his back end comes through, the door slams down on his tail :/

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    I know you dont wish to purchase just yet, but here's a link for santa.
    Dog Doors and Cat Doors | Temporary Pet Doors

    I have the extra tough, giant dog door. Heavy duty flap of plastic, with a magnetic strip at bottom to stop it blowing in the wind. Cat's have managed this fine.
    A completely sealed cardboard box, with GAFFA tape all over it, lasted our cat 10 mins on a interstate trip once.

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