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Thread: ARCHIE'S LAW - Dog Sanctuaries. How to make off lead dog parks safe for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pawfectionist View Post
    I think their needs to be off leash areas but there must be signs up reminding everyone that all off lead dogs must be under effective voice control or need to be put back on lead.
    I don't disagree but honestly, if that law was enforced, 99.9% of dogs would never be allowed off leash

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    After I wrote this, I thought about the occasions when my dog jumped on people when she was younger. But I did accept that that was my fault and I did my very best to train her to prevent this. Mistakes happen, but it is not the innocent bystander's problem. I had people get very annoyed at me because of it and I thought it was justified. Especially that one who was wearing bright white pants!

    Aggressive reactions however are never justified and so I agree with Hyacinth that this has little to do with the dog park issue.

    Also agree with MMJ that cyclists need to watch out for dogs in areas like that. And maybe a sign warning them and maybe a speed limit would be a good idea, though of course it would never be enforced...

    But what I don't agree with is creating fenced parks with rules that give dog owners the idea that they can let their dogs do whatever they want. If you don't yet have effective voice control over your dog, it's justified to use an area like that for training. Provided that you leash your dog if they annoy other people or dogs or consistently ignore you. But too many people use them as an excuse not to train their dogs at all.

    I do admit that I occasionally take my dog for walks and just let her run a bit wild. As in, I let her go out of sight and don't really pay her much attention. But I am lucky enough to have walking spots where you rarely meet another human or dog and with no traffic nearby. As soon as there are other people and pets around (or cars of course) I go back to watching my dog like a hawk. And I don't mind doing that either. I like showing off how well trained she is too, I guess. And the training also never really stops.

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