Hi all,
Have just joined this site on behalf of my Mum, who is about to move from family home into retirement village apartment. Zoe, her gorgeous cavoodle, is moving with her and will have access to lots of walks by the Perth river etc., but not her big back yard. Mum is a pensioner and will have a decent sized courtyard, which she is considering pulling up pavers and putting in a dirt / garden area, but we need to think of alternatives so she doesn't have the worry of sweeping up dirt, mulch, etc. Has anyone got any brilliant ideas that would help. I was thinking perhaps a garden trough with dirt or a roll of purchased grass etc., but thinking that would be major effort to clean out for Mum ? She's not keen on fake grass for the dog's sake. Zoe is only little, and very well behaved at 8 years old, so up for suggestions ???? Would really appreciate anyone's suggestion. Thanks guys, Corrine