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    Does anyone else have to fight with their dog over prime real estate infront of the heater?
    My dog completely forgot (or did he?) his place in the family hierarchy.
    I don't know how he doesnt set himself on fire.. and the more I ask him/tell him/beg/command to move away the quicker he gets back there.
    It is a Rinnai convection so it blows hot hot air.
    In the mornings he literally physically pushes us out of the way so he can get closer behind us.
    Hmmm I have a feeling we are doing something wrong....

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    LOL... Nero is doing that too. As a pup he burned his paws once on the electric heater... in the picture you can see why.

    Now it's our slow combustion heater. I'm just happy he hasn't worked out how to open the door. Without doubt he would set the place on fire just to make it a little warmer. He will lie right in front of the fire until he is virtually too hot to touch. Only when he is panting so heavily that he has trouble breathing he will go for a stroll around the house to cool down. And when he comes back he'll go straight back to the fire where he remains until it become unbearable again...

    He may not be the brightest spark but he is very cute!
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    LOL love the photo! very cute!!

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