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Thread: Are you a furry grandmother?

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    I'm a grandma, but not a furry one LOL
    My son is great with animals and would love a dog but not in a situation to have one. My daughter isn't a doggy person at all

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    My mum completely freaked out when I got a dog.

    She thought for sure it would end up being her dog - because that's how she got the last two dogs, except my siblings were the culprits not me.

    I agree about how hard it is to hold back when you see a dog raising disaster - in your family, with your friends, or just down at the park.

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    My mother in law, completely freaked out when i got brian. She thought he'd be vicious and not safe.
    Lets keep her thinking that way, as last night, after cooking all arvo for her, which she ate and moaned about english food. I
    "Released the hounds" and she was gone in 15 mins.
    Ahhhh peace.

    Hell hath no fury like a loud, shouting all the time dutch mother in law.

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    My kids have not married so I guess their dogs are our grandkids at this stage. It is hard not to interfere especially when the kids have grown up around and with dogs being well trained all their lives but theirs have no manners, bark non stop, counter surf and jump on all the furniture - usually with you on the furniture.

    I have told them that in their house I couldn't care less what they do, but in my house, my rules apply.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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