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Thread: we just bought a Beagle pup - he is a little ripper

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    Default we just bought a Beagle pup - he is a little ripper

    he is fast asleep and thank goodness - full of beans and only 7 months old -

    shocked at how well mannered this little fellow is .

    at the moment we are also babysitting our daughters dog but training will start at the week end

    will need a lot of information and where better than here

    kind regards


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    Is he a rescue, from a BYB or a registered breeder? What sort of prior socialisation/training has he had? We need to know where your starting point is.

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    Yes you have to give out a little more details before we can actually start suggesting things that will help you out.

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    got him from Gumtree - tried the rescue groups but they are very busy - take messages but no time to reply because of other comittments . just pleased to have him.

    went to vet yesterday so wormed him today and treated his fleas - he is booked for C5 vaccinations on thursday and all being well he will be neutered on friday.

    Think he may settle down a little then as now he mounts visitors legs and attackes their dogs but I love him .

    He must ahve had a rough time but he is so nice alone with us - expect when he is "back on his feet " we will attend class at Frankston and would love to get him involved with tracking.

    he has sniffed everything in our home several times and is now curled up on the couch behind me.

    sleeps on our bed with us and you would not know he was there.

    no problem with the dog door at all and he enjoys nicking off with my sock and then its a merry chase all around the house.

    cooked him some dinner today and he loves it so will give him half cup of kibble in the morning and half a cup of what we cooked at night plus the good o's he gets as a reward for bring good should be enough for him

    sliced up a couple of hot dogs - dried them out in the oven and cut them to the size of a pea and i give him one of these wher he sits when i tell him.

    hope he will stop mounting visitors leg and fighting with their dogs after friday - what do you think

    kind regards


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    If he is already in the habit of humping and has antisocial tendencies I highly doubt desexing will stop those. Those issues will take time and effort training them out of him specially if his previous owners let him get away with the behaviour.

    Sounds like he has had a rough start to life, he is lucky that he has landed with someone that seems to care about his welfare

    Could be a good idea to find a local trainer to start visiting, specially if you want to go off into something like tracking with him!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Hi Peter and congrats on your new pup!

    He will need some time to settle in before you will be able to see his true nature. 7 months is a teenager and they can be pretty full on at that age. The important thing is that you need to treat every situation as a training opportunity. That way you'll end up with a well mannered dog. You already started off well by using rewards. There are some great posts with links to training resources here if you snoop around a bit.

    With stuff like stealing socks, it is best to distract him and then take them off him without turning it into a game. You could use it to teach him "give" and offer a treat in reward. Start easy by showing him the treat to make him drop the sock, then make it harder by getting him to drop in cue before you show and give the treat.

    With the humping, again distraction is your friend. Just try to get him interested in something else to make him stop. If that doesn't work, you could also use time out. That's what I had to do to stop my dog from jumping up on visitors. I locked her in the laundry for 30-60 seconds, then got her to come out but if she jumped up again, she went straight back. Rinse and repeat.

    It sometimes helps to put the lead on inside so you can grab him quickly.

    The attacking other dogs is a concern and will take time to manage. I use a spray bottle to prevent my dog from getting stuck in to other dogs when she shows signs of being anti social. But she is just narky, so easier to manage. I would use the lead to get your dog used to being near other dogs and then reward him for any calm behaviour. Do a search on Look At That (LAT) training if you want to know more.

    Good luck! I love beagles. They are very cute. And reward based training can be very rewarding for humans too.

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    hi and congrats, any pics. i have indirect experience with the breed as people in my area have a few. firstly in spite of the show breeders best efforts these are hunting/working dogs hence they are generally more independent and less handler focus. i do not know why people insist on trying to change them and make them sedintary pets but i digress.

    you need to be very careful with this breed if he has not had his breed traits bred out of him becuase they will try escape and follow scents - it is what they were originally bred for. if they go forget recalls becuase they are gone proper and way too many are that focussed on their job they will follow a scent straight into cars on the road and get killed or be seriously injured = much cost and heartbreak.

    you can be cruel and go against what they have been created for and kennel/crate/e-collar etc but why?

    my suggestion is use their traits to do something fun for you and the dog - get them started on scent games ASAP. it is a ton of fun and will build a bond and communication between you and your dog.

    just my opinion, hope it works out well.

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    Hi Peterseaford

    I shut the door to the room where my socks are. I do trade things my dog is not supposed to have, for something better (like your bits of hotdog), so now if I forget to shut the door she will fetch and offer me the sock - before deciding to rip it to pieces (if I'm not paying attention).

    As for visitors, she does get very very excited. If she won't stay in her designated spot on her own, I put the lead on her so I can prevent any unwanted behaviours and reward (hot dog?) the ones I like. Her designated spot may be a mat, or the crate (with the door open if she's good), or the other end of the couch where I sit.

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