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    Default Breed comparison

    Ideally, i am looking at acquiring a Hovawart, however they are not available in Australia currently nor am i in a position to get one in from Europe.

    Instead, i am looking at the Flat Coated Retriever, the Gordon Setter or the Irish Setter. I know very little of these breeds and have never met one in person, for those of your with experience with these breeds please help me out with your knowledge and opinions of them.

    I value:
    longevity, I have been told the Irish is longer lived than most other breeds of similar size
    overall health (hip and elbow scores are very important to me, no predisposition to particular disease or things like epilepsy)
    a high height to weight ratio (look big but don't weigh much, don't ask)
    agile and athletic, medium to high energy and drive
    I enjoy grooming, coat length and type are of no concern other than that i like long coats as opposed to short or wirey coats, prefer less undercoat

    In terms of personality:
    i prefer open, friendly personalities as opposed to aloof and independent. must be naturally good with strangers when off property but do like those alert on property
    family companion that i can relax with, take to work, take camping

    My interests:
    Dog sports, obedience, agility

    I would appreciate any recommendations, opinions, etc. I'm not looking at adding one to my family any time soon, i am simply doing research. Thanks in advance!

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    The Irish & Gordon Setters and Flatcoat sound like good candidates. the English may be a little more reserved, depends on the individual.

    Other possibles are some of the Spaniels, Springers - English or Welsh, or Field Spaniel. Possibly even a Brittany? Lovely dogs.

    The coated Working Dog breeds that may suit will have more undercoat. But you may still consider a Bearded Collie - they are just fantastic.

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    Have you checked out the Large Munsterlander

    Large Munsterlander - Breeders - Puppies - Australia

    It's like a spaniel x pointer to look at. Gorgeous, athletic and a lot easier to train than most of the setters.

    There are about 5 or more Welsh Springers at my dog club and they're all gorgeous with varying degrees of interest in doing what they're told vs chasing magpies or possums.

    If you want long lived - the cattle dogs seem to win that one. But it does depend a lot on how they're cared for.

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