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Thread: Fostering dogs/cats?

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    I previously posted about buying a puppy. Now I am thinking about fostering dogs (or possibly cats).

    I have no experience with fostering, but I thought it might be something nice that we could do. I haven't spoken to husband yet, but I think he would be fine with it.

    Does anyone have any fostering experiences/advice?

    Our situation:
    Married couple, im 28 husband is almost 33. We have a massive 3 story house, the bottom floor is a granny flat which is rented out.
    We have two cats that are 8 months old. Fergus is a ragdoll and Harriet is a Tonkinese.
    We don't have much backyard at all, however the house is massive and the cats have full run of our house.
    We would be happy to take a dog to puppy training and on regular walks but couldn't commit to more than an hour a day of outdoor exercise
    I work various hours and i'm actually home quite a bit so lots of love and attention and games in the house would be easy!
    Fergus is fairly easy going and I don't think would be too bothered by another animal in the house, my grandmothers dog Buttons (Mini Schnauzer) has come over a few times and he seems to "play?" pretty well with her (no scratches)
    Harriet does not seem to enjoy Buttons at all and Hisses and stalks her alot, so I worry about her with another animal.
    One thing that I worry about is getting attached and turning our house into a giant animal sanctuary!! lol.

    What do you guys think?

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    Hi BexBoo,

    I can't talk about fostering dogs but I do foster cats for a smaller rescue group we just take one at a time, get them used to living in a home environment (rather than the shelter) and help to find them a home. So far we've rehomed 3 in 3 months it's very sad when they leave and we always shed a tear but I'd rather cry seeing them go to a new loving home than cry because they're PTS because nobody wants them. I got a wonderful email yesterday from a lady who adopted our last foster cat, telling me how well he's settled in and it made me so happy! Our cat is wonderful too, he happily takes to any new cat we bring into the house and helps them come out of their shell (his job is more important than ours).

    If you have the room and want to foster than I say go for it! It's such a rewarding experience!

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    Hi 'BexBoo' - as 'Kristy.Maree' posted - being a foster carer can/is a very rewarding experience - but it can also be a real heart breaker as well – particularly when you have to move the ones in your care on - in their journey to finding their new homes.

    It is also not for the faint hearted. You have to be able to deal with health and behavioural issues of the fosters - plus if you have your own pets – you need to be able to keep them totally safe.

    So, a bit of research by you is needed and so some links for you:

    Pet Foster - Home

    Animal Welfare League NSW | Dog Foster Care

    Animal Welfare League NSW | Kitten Foster Care er+care+courses&aqs=chrome.0.69i57.10825j0&sourcei d=chrome&ie=UTF-8#cr=countryAU&tbs=ctr:countryAU&sclient=psy-ab&q=animal+foster+care+study+courses&oq=animal+fo ster+care+study+courses&gs_l=serp.3...50217.52510. 0.53701. .1.17.psy-ab.0rl9oe65V9Q&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.4870 5608,d.aGc&fp=592ad6b205b87f0f&biw=1280&bih=909

    I would also suggest- like 'Kristy.Maree' has found - that you find a rescue group in your area that you like the sound of and get to know the group:

    Australia-wide Rescue Directory - PetRescue

    There are heaps of ways to help animals in need – without doing the fostering – if that is what you would prefer to do.

    Also – don’t forget there are heaps of other animals that need foster care – other than dogs and cats – which you may also be interested in:


    Good Luck !

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    There's a big pushy group on Facebook that tries to guilt trip people into giving money and fostering and then doesn't properly support the foster carers. You want to avoid anyone who is really pushy about anything except safety.

    And you should not be paying to adopt the dog from the pound - not unless you want to own the dog. That's a kind of scam too. They don't want the dog to die but then they trick you into owning it - that's just not right.

    so having scared you... is one place you can look for rescues that aren't like the above. Some are better managed than others, but it's a starting point that filters out the worst.

    The main thing you want to be wary of doing is fostering a dog that doesn't like cats... or likes them way too much...

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    We have been fostering kittens for a rural rescue. We didn't have cats of our own but adopted one of the last batch. The reason why I became a foster failure was that I had planned to get a "permanent" cat eventually and I thought this cat would be able to cope with foster animals coming and going. Other than that I haven't felt very tempted to keep any because that would have meant that we wouldn't have been able to foster anymore. There is a limit to how many animals I can look after at the same time...

    As the others have said, it is heart breaking, but so very rewarding. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you find a foster the perfect home.

    One thing you have to be aware of though is that lots of those rescue kittens come from an environment where infectious diseases and ailments are rampant. As well as getting kittens that often left their mum too soon. We've had kittens with severe cat flu and ringworm. Again, it is very rewarding to nurse them back to health but you may have to quarantaine them to protect your own cats. This isn't really hard to do with young kittens as it is advisable to keep them confined to one room for a couple of weeks after arrival anyway.

    Kittens are very easy to foster though, I found. I'm now considering fostering a pup too but I know they'll be more work and higher risk.

    Good luck with your decision!

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