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Thread: Where can i buy this stuff Ladies ??

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    Thanks guys. My wife gives them both a pig ear everyday and a huge halved frozen marrow bone nearly everyday before she leaves......that keeps them entertained for a bit. Weight wise i do want to keep them on the lean side for exactly the reasons you said Riley but Mojo has gotten a bit thin and his ribs are showing to much for my liking now....for some reason i cant get him past 47 kilos...he go's up and down a bit but never holds the 50 kg mark.

    Maybe hes getting taller....i've never measured him. I'll do that now. The vet did say he could do with a bit more meat on him and said she noticed it straight away since he's one of her favourites.

    He's nearly 2 now and he just seems a bit thinner than mot B.M 's i see around. He was the runt of the litter...might mean nothing ???

    I guess i just want to hide those ribs....not all of them but just a bit more than whats showing. I'll try and get some pictures of him tomorrow arvo so you guys can see what i mean.

    At night they both get 3 cups of kibble and 300 grams of Scottys dog roll which is meant to be a good quality roll.

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    Just thought I'd pitch in that molasses might be sold as treacle at Woolies/Coles... I remember that from when I made gingerbread men

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    I so wish I was the first poster after his in this thread so I could comment on Sean's balls.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    molasses and treacle are not the same - molasses smells good but tastes yuck - not far off vegemite without the salt. Treacle tastes very close to golden syrup. I'd expect all those to be with the sugar, but failing that I'd try a horse feed shop for the molasses.

    Gelatine comes in powder or "leaf" form... I'm guessing the flat stuff is what they mean. It's what the fancy chefs use. I kind of went off jelly when I found out gelatine was made from horses hooves. though they have figured out a way to make it from plants (bypassing the horse) now as well.

    As for the bloat - I don't know if feeding something like satin balls will make a difference or not.

    You can teach a ballistic dog not to be ballistic at dinner time. I've almost taught mine not to bark at me either. Any time she tries to help - I stop moving in the right direction... And then before she gets it, she has to manage a bit of a sit or drop stay...

    Clue - it will be easier to teach one dog at a time... start with half a second stays.

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    Total cereal can be substituted with Special K. Molasses you can buy from your closest stock feed or horse feed store. For beef mince, try your local greyhound meat suppliers. They often use beef, our local greyhound supplier sells very good beef with moderate fat content for $5 a kg. I would use a teaspoon of the powdered gelatine you can get from Woolies/ Coles for each "sachet".

    I've used satinl balls in the past and was never rapt with them. A lot of work to provide them for big dogs, and not hugely healthy.

    I've had far batter success getting extra weight on mine with chicken carcasses (frames) or lamb flaps.

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