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Thread: Hooch has a lump

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    Default Hooch has a lump

    Hi everyone,
    It's been a while.
    We have been plodding along just nicely until a couple of weeks ago I found a little lump on Hooch's chest (kinda on the side of his stomach).
    It was small, soft and seemed to move. Took him straight away to the vet who took a sample with a needle (she did it twice to be on the safe side) Next day results came back as inflammation. So it is not lipoma nor cancer.
    Vet said it might be a bump or trauma and it should disappear soon. She also gave Hooch an anti inflammatory injection just in case.
    Hooch is a house dog, he only goes out to the park and to the back yard which is small and grassy. Nothing else, he sleeps in my son's bed. So I doubt it could be grass seed, it is under the skin and doesnt seem to bother him at all.

    In the last couple of days I noticed it's grown more and now is maybe 2-3cm round and abit harder.
    It has been 2 weeks. The vet is shut today so I have to wait for tomorrow to go back.

    Anyone has any input?? I am feeling quite anxious... and to go to another vet who hasnt seen the results, I think will be a waste of time.

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    Lumps are always worrying!
    I don't really know much about lumps and bumps... only that i had a similar thing on my ferret which did end up being cancer.. but it was removed and she is now better than ever!
    Just try to not worry too much at the moment, stress will only make it harder. Go and see a vet and if you need to worry, then you can. Even if it is something bad, it shouldn't be too hard for the vet to remove it!

    Fingers crossed for you!

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    I cant help you sorry....just wanted to wish ya all the best with it...Lumps of any size and sort always scare the pants of me. I guess if the big 'C' has been ruled out that has to be a good thing. Give the Hoochster a big ear rub from us all on the forum and let him know we are wishing him well.

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    Thank you. Will see what the vet says tomorrow. I don't know how reliable the results for the sample they took. Please keep us in your prayers.
    We love him so much

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    I'm guessing if the initial tests were negative for cancer then you probably don't have too much to worry about. I had a lump of fatty tissue on my hip when I was younger from a skating crash(took years before it disappeared). Just have the vet check it out again but I would say don't worry too much otherwise - if it was cancerous the initial test would have shown that IMO.

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    Just got back from vet. She took another sample but as she was drawing it she said "hmm interesting".. it is all puss!
    So they have to operate and take the pussy lump out as it must be forming because of a foreign body? He is an indoor dog I cant imagine what foreign body he can have there, he is the most indoor dog a dog can be.. but I guess taking it out is the best option?
    Bringing him into surgery in 2 hours.
    Anxiety level - Super high.
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    Hope all turns out to be okay BG, I'm sure it will be but it's hard not to stress when it's our baby. I had the same thing with my horse- a big lump that was removed, they couldn't find anything foreign but it never came back afterwards. Is it possible it could be some ingrown hairs or even an abscess?

    Please keep us updated and I hope everything goes well!!!!

    P.S would be nice seeing another photo of Hooch... I miss seeing his handsome face!!

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    Good luck to Hooch!
    A pussy lump is not a bad lump to have, from a medical point of view.
    please keep us posted on his recovery.

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    they took the lump out. it was pussy around it but there was a lump with blood supply to it.
    lab results will be 3-5 days. how am i to survive without knowing for that long?
    please tell me that a lump with its own blood supply doesnt mean bad cancer...
    he is back home sleeping, has huge stitches and a drain.
    i feel faint and i cant think straight

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    Hi BG, hope all has been successful with the removal of the lump and Hooch is all good.

    I had a pug x before Ruby and he was a bit of a lump collector. One was on his chest but I could feel it was between his fur and one on the side of his head, had them both removed ASAP, they were both pus lumps... give Hooch a big hug and looking forward to a report on his recovery

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