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Thread: Can big and small dogs live together?

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    Minnie is adorable! Love the 3rd pic of the 2 of them together

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    Aww! I'm sure things will get very lively at your place. But what a lovely pet family!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simonr View Post
    Hi all again.
    We have now a little friend for Bo. Minnie is an 8 week old chihuahua x foxy and as u can imagine is tiny.

    No doubt I will be on here over the next few weeks begging for help on how to make these pups play nice. So far they are not to bad with each other. Had one awwww moment but spent a bit of time mouthing and been a bit snappy at each other. We have the next few days off to make sure they get along.
    'Simonr' - have a look at the following links and see whether the pups are actually playing or not:

    Is Your Dog Playing or Fighting? |

    Dogs playing together can get really rough. I have always loved the bitey face game and the noise they make when they are playing.
    Love the photos - and have heaps of fun with your 2 cuties ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    cheers for the link RyleyJ, I did actually stumble across them last night whilst the two were battling it out, They are definitely playing though, we don't even get much noise from the two when there at it and Bo spends most of the fight lying in his side. I've been around many a play fighting dog, I've just never had such a size difference, I tend to break them up a bit early been that Minnie is the size of Bo's mouth.

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    So it looks like the kelpie is coming out in Bo. We gave the dogs a test run in the yard for a few hours and every time Minnie want to go on the grass Bo will heard her up and annoy her. I know his only playing but he is sometimes scaring Minnie and you can tell she doesn't like it. In saying that she will jump at him when his on his bed at annoy him. Like I've said before If they were of similar size there would be no issue. When the two tire out the sleep together on the same mat and they also sleep together at night.

    I'm going to take some extra time off work and hope the 2 sort themselves out, but it looks like I'll be getting a separate run for the pups.

    With all this said they have only been together for 4 days. If there's anything that I should or shouldn't be doing let me know.


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