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Thread: Can big and small dogs live together?

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    Thanks sona.

    Fingers crossed ours become best friends.

    We have taken some time off work in case one of the dogs needs some time to settle in.

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    Oh Sona your two pups are adorable!

    Simonr if you do decide to go down the road of a Staffy here is the facebook page of the Stafford Rescue in Victoria

    They make fantastic pets and you will have a best friend for life. As others have said, if introduced correctly you shouldn't have any issues having a smaller and larger dog together.

    Just a thought, do you think taking on two rescues at once might be a bit much? I would think it may be easier to do one at a time so that you can spend time letting them settle in individually... just a thought!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Thanks jadielee, that is definitely something we are currently thinking about. We thought it could go one of two ways.

    1: Get both dogs at once hoping that the yard will be a neutral zone while they get to know each and get to know us. Hopefully this would stop any territorial issues. This is obviously going to be a lot of work.
    2: Get one at a time allowing the 1st dog to get to know us and its surroundings better, my only issue with this way is if there is some territory disputes when a 2nd dog comes in.

    If there is a floor in any of these methods feel free to tell me.

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    We had our first dog for 6 months and then got our other dog - there was no territory issues at all, they were playing with each other instantly. I think as long as you socialize your first dog with other dogs there shouldn't be any problems at all my friends always bring their dogs over and put them straight in the yard and my dogs are always accepting and never aggressive or territorial. Meika collects all her bones and hides them but that's all I guess it depends on the individual dog though.

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    Cheers kristy.maree, We do have dogs around us so we me might have to have some play dates when we get our pup/pups.

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    I don't know much about Chihuahuas but all of the Jack Russell Terriers (JRT) I've met seemed quite indifferent to the size of their play mates. They are very robust and can stand up for themselves. And they love running and can do so for kilometres.

    Labradors are lovely dogs but despite their reputation as the perfect, easy family dog, they can be pretty full on. Most of the ones you'll find in rescue will need intensive training to teach them basic manners. Which isn't a problem if you're prepared to invest the time and energy.

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    Have you considered a Tenterfield terrier or maybe even a whippet - they'd both be able to go jogging with you and they're small and cute, maybe not as small as a chi but close.

    And I did read an old blog where someone got their cavaliers trained up for endurance - it's the same as for humans - a little bit at a time. Though you need to remember the golden rule for puppies - 5 minutes per month of age - so your 8 week old puppy - shouldn't be jogging for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

    I've seen labs skittle people - they can be dangerous just because they charge around without looking where they are going - tho the last dog to crash into me was a border collie being chased by a cattle dog. I should have been paying more attention but it didn't hurt as much as the bigger dogs do. The BC was a bit surprised tho.

    Yes big and small dogs can do just fine. I've even seen a rottie living with a yappie small white fluffy (SWF). It was me (and all the neighbours) and the SWF's owner's bf that couldn't live with it. Chi can bark a lot too. I like Papillions better. And they could also go jogging with you, they like to run a lot.

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    Cheers Beloz, We have been around quite a few JRT and i have noticed the same thing.

    Cheers Hyacinth, I did have a bit of a look at whippets, but i've never been around them so it was hard to moving away from dogs I have known. I grew up with dalmatians and it wasn't uncommon to be hit by a pre occupied running dog.

    Cheers to everyone who's chipped in advice so far, heres an update on what where up to. We have applied for an 8 month old kelpie X dog who is very timid and a 6 month old chihuahua x jack russell bitch. Both currently live with other dogs and there hasnt been any issues so hopefully they like play well together. So far our back yard has been check for the Kelpie and have been told that its good, and we have spoken to the kelpies 'mum' and it seems that he will really suit us. As for the chi x jack we have submitted the application and sent some photos of the yard and are waiting for a response. Our fingers and toes are crossed, if we get some good news ill post their names and photo.

    While Im on the run of cheersing everyone, cheers to everyone we have dealt with from the rescue groups, their doing an awesome job saving many animals and have all been very friendly.

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    'Simonr' - how exciting for you !

    Heaps of Good Luck Wishes and I am sure that you are really going to enjoy having a new pup or two joining your family !

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    Cheers to you SimonR! for giving two rescue dogs another chance at life.

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