Husband and I are still searching for the perfect puppy for us. We put it on hold for a month or so but now im back to researching

Was looking online and there is a breeder that is advertising Tibetan Terriers. I'd never heard of them before so I looked them up. They seem really great and look like they would possibly suit us.
We are pretty keen on a schnauzer as well though. My grandmother just got a mini schnauzer (Buttons) and she is the sweetest, most beautiful, affectionate and playful dog ever, so we have fallen completely in love with her.

Here is what we are after:
* A very affectionate dog that wants to be with us
* A breed that will be small to medium size. We have a Tonkinese girl Harriet and ragdoll boy Fergus so we want a puppy to play with the kitties!
* A dog that will be fine indoors. We have a HUGE house.
* A dog that requires a small to moderate amount of grooming/ minimal to moderate shedding

We have lots of parks/beaches around so we'd love a dog that we can take for walks or go to the beach etc.

Love some opinions!