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Thread: social responsible dog owner meets SEQ

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    my dogs will not be off leash at first meet, i think it would be wise if all did same first time??? we don't know each other or each others dogs so why take a risk. i should confirm today but will be on southside-ish till about mid morning training. i wasn't planning on meeting anyone this weekend, but can. school holidays would be ideal for me. shoo, did you get my number?

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    Sure did, replied, did you get my reply?

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    Hey guys sorry for the disappearing act; my weeks are just crazy busy but I make it up to Sammy on the weekends so I'm still very keen to come along. My dog has great recall (can finally say this at 3.5 years old), and used to working around other dogs so wherever you guys want to hold it, I'm in. I have a car and no plans at this stage for Sunday - is anything planned?

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    PS I am based in SE Brisbane but willing to travel.

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    can not confirm if i am in bris sunday at this point, really you guys should just go ahead and meet tomorrow anyways. it's only about havin a bit of fun, getting the dog out of the house, socialisation, meet some doggy folks, chat, pooches sniff each others butts...bliss.

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    I will need to go to a fully enclosed park at this stage, recall button is a bit dodgy at the moment! We are getting there slowly though The world is still bright and shiny for her and far too exciting lol

    Did anyone get out on sunday?

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    i got a call sat. night cancelling my training due to massive storms and hail - not sure how that panned out sunday.

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