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    I am currently visiting my sister. One elderly bully cross in her twilight years, one middle aged lab about 7yrs X (visiting for 2 months) 1 small grey terrier female x 9yrs 1 small fox terrier male female also 9 yrs. They are all overweight and plod gently through life pack order is serene.
    Then I turn up with one 14month old BC who is supremely fit and energetic and it starts. Anything near the laundry where the food is kept is watched carefully, the two smaller dogs have both launched themselves at Maggie with teeth bared, she never starts fights but also never backs off so... sigh it has been exhausting. Feeding them last night was ghastly so tonight we fed the elderly one first and after she had tottered off did the rest with Maggie outside on the verandah far away from the laundry where the rest of them were.
    Any tips for easing this? The squabbles seem to be started by the small dogs but Maggie gets into trouble as my brother in law says she is the bottom of the stack ( true in theory but no one told She is not aggressive (possibly not respectful enough) at all and does leave the oldest girl alone but she is clearly upsetting the balance. She plays well with the lab X when the lab can cope, it runs out of puff very fast. I have made sure Maggie has plenty of ball play so her energy level is manageable but I have two more days of unpredictable ferocities!
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