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Thread: How to spot dog fighting.

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    Default How to spot dog fighting.

    Hey guys,

    Just thought i'd share a few pictures for you to put in the memory bank. If you see anything like this anywhere....could be a strangers backyard or shed, a neighbours house or yard, a farm, a factory...anywhere really ...dont be afraid to report it to the police or RSPCA. Now things like homemade treadmills might have a perfectly good reason to be in someones backyard but they are also used to exercise fighting dogs. I guess i'm trying to say dont jump to conclusions but if somthing dosnt seem right then maybe suss things out a bit more.

    These are a few items and areas that dog fighters tend to use.

    Dogs are usually tied up with heavy chain....bait dogs may have thier mouths taped shut....'Pits' or small arenas made from plywood or fencing....Bite sticks used for prying open dogs jaws..etc,etc.

    Please feel free to add any photos or info about this terrible ...., well its not a sport...this terrible thing that goes on behind the scenes throughout the world....including here in Australia.

    animal-.jpgbite sticks.jpgdog-fighting-pit-GA.jpgdogtreamill.jpg

    Lots more info can be found here guys. Please support them.!/AussiesF...nstDogFighting

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    Oh god, this is so horrific.
    Its like that film Hostage, all over again, with dogs.

    None of that is looking familiar to me. Thank goodness
    thanks for sharing Sean. I wouldnt of known what to look out for at all really?

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    Thanks for sharing that Sean. Cant type here what Id like to do to some people..........

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    I've heard of dog treadmills but I always thought they would be just useful for excersising, not fighter training :/

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    People make me sick

    Worst thing is most fights will happen in rural areas so most people wouldn't pick up on it. We had an article in our local paper the other day, someones dog in my suburb was nearly stolen, a bull mastiff and this guy was trying to get it in his ute until someone seen him. These people had a zip tie on their fence so they are definitely marking properties. I have been checking my fence for a while now.

    My DP told me ages ago that there was a fighting ring around here, a guy at work knows the guy that does it but he wouldn't tell Ray anything else. He used goats as bait though. Hopefully with Bella and Harley both being desexed it may make them a little less appealing... maybe. Otherwise I might go and buy some sheep suits for them and disguise them!

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