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Oh my stars BT, your property looks amazing ... Dexter looks like the happiest dog I've ever seen ... those chooks look huge next to him!

How are you enjoying your new place?? Did you move from suburbia? I am so jealous, I'd love a property like yours...
Lol, the chooks are huge next to him, the rooster in particular. Thankfully the rooster doesn't seem to bother Dex, but he's getting pretty aggressive with me these days, he needs to watch his neck!
Yeah, we moved from the Brisbane side of Ipswich up to Kilcoy. The travel costs are a killer (we both still work in Brisbane) but it's so so worth it. I just love waking up to the sound of cows, roosters, geese, horses I think someone even has a turkey nearby that I can hear. The only annoying thing is the donkeys over the back somewhere, they go off at any hour pretty loud. And this morning I woke up to the sound of Dex barking his head off at a couple of kangaroos lying around in the orchard. He's only recently discovered kangaroos so I'll have to try and teach him to ignore them.. along with the neighbours cows that he likes to bark at

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Love seeing these pics...Dexter looks like he's having a ball the lucky fella !!

That fish looks very much like a Perch of sorts...cant really tell exactly which one from that picture sorry. You can definently rule out Yellowbelly (callop), Barramundi (tail, and pec fins wrong shape), Carp (totally diffrent fish), ...and it looks to big to be a spangled perch. Estuary Perch are a southern species so thats out too. It really is tricky from that shot...

I'd be leaning towards a Australian Bass, a Grunter (sooty?) or one of the many other species of perch.....pretty much all closely related.

Have you found any more or seen fish feeding of the surface ? Nows the time of year they'll eat insects of the surface with this warm weather. The bet time to see it will be just on dusk with a storm approaching...hot humid conditions with a rising barometer will see fish go nuts. If the cicada are singing watch the water surface aswell.

My dream is to own land like yours with a big dam...i'd be stocking Barra up here but it might get to cold in Ipswich in winter for them.
That's the only one I've found out of the dam. It was roughly 20cm long. We recently saw a heap in the water and yes they are feeding off the surface. We saw a group of maybe 6 or so swimming around a few meters from the edge that were of similar size and smaller. We need to get some rods and see if we can catch one and get better photos. Am I right in thinking bass are quite aggressive fish? There's a heap of guppy things in there and I think someone told us to stock it with bass to get rid of those.

I'm not sure our dam is quite big enough for barra. My partner's been looking into the fish side of things I don't really have any idea, I don't even eat them.

We also found a yabbie claw on the bank, it didn't have any red on it, though we were told there's red claw in there. But I guess there might be something else as well.