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Thread: Do not report dogfighting or animal cruelty on facebook !!!

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    Default Do not report dogfighting or animal cruelty on facebook !!!

    Please read make sense. If we report it we actually help hide it underground.!/photo.php...type=1&theater

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    So that's more a report it to the police or the anti dog fight people before you report it to facebook? Facebook can get the stuff back if they have to...

    I have mixed feelings - l like for people to feel ok to speak their mind about whatever - because then I know what kind of person they are, but letting them do that - reinforces it too - makes it seem more acceptable. Personally I don't want to use tech to return to 1950's attitudes.

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    I think what 'Sean' meant - correct me if I am wrong 'Sean' - is don't report these pages to FB and get them shut down.

    For the life of me, I do not understand why some people feel the need to police what I want to see on FB. I am old enough to understand that if a page that I had previously liked was not to my taste or became 'dodgy' - then all I have to do is unlike that particular page. Problem solved !

    Why can't these people who complain do the same ?

    Are people really so scared of the truth - as with this FB page - or are we really being controlled by the so-called do-gooders and all the rest of the minority groups that want the world to be all 'peaceful and light' and hide the truth ?

    I won't be wishing them - the do-gooders and the rest - Good Luck - because these people are winning - by shutting stuff down and controlling what is reported - which is a real worry !

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