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Thread: Crucial Health Warning! For buyers of Havanese puppies

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    I am surprised the breeder did not arrange for Hachi to be desexed before Hachi was sold to you.

    I'm assuming they sold the dog to you on the understanding that it was to be a pet only and not for making more puppies? Ie they did the right thing again - and stopped using this dog for their breeding program and homed it (so they thought) into a non-breeding home? Their alternative choice was to get Hachi PTS so that no further puppies would be made from Hachi's genes.

    And now you're jumping up and down all angry because the dog has problems which mean it should not be bred and might not live a healthy life?

    The breeder has already done the right thing as far as providing you with a healthy puppy is concerned - they offered you a full refund and to take Hachi back - which you refused. You have to stop assuming that the breeder was deliberately up to no good - you will only make them unhappy with you and far less likely to co-operate.

    It's hard to tell from what you wrote - which vet took the xrays and who paid for what.

    If you paid for xrays and you (or the vet of your choice) did not receive those xrays - then you are entitled to a refund of the xray money. If the dog has had two sets of xrays and the ones you haven't got are the first set done by the breeder's vet and paid for by the breeder - I don't see anything wrong there, the breeder probably has (or had) them.

    My doctor - gave my xrays to me to take home. There are some digital ones out there (of my nose when it got broken) but I don't know whether they were kept - seems unlikely as disk space was very expensive back then. I've got all my knee ones.

    So chances are the Breeder's vet won't have the xrays because she would have given them back to Hachi's owner at the time or whomever paid for the xrays the first time around. It's frustrating but the requirements for record keeping with vets is not as strict as for doctors specialising in humans.

    It is true that vets do not like to offend their best customers - so they will sometimes tell their customers only what they want to hear.

    If your vet thinks there is a problem with the other vet's competence they can write to the Australian Veterinary Association.

    It is possible for a small dog to do just fine without a hip joint. Or if it is kept lean - do fine with all the dodgy joints and the surrounding muscle will compensate. It's not like it is a Rottweiler which is a size that puts stress on the joints just by being big and heavy.

    I think you are guessing at reasons for things that have happened that probably aren't true, and that is hampering your efforts to get things sorted out.

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    No, this is not normal.
    "You've been sold a pup" is an english saying for, you've been led astray intitially by breeder.

    I certainly, with my ltd understanding of genetics, (not being a breeder) would know, that your pedigree Dam and Sire, do not through up pups with:3 major problems: left hip dysplasia, right elbow dysplasia and chondrodysplasia in both its front legs, especially bad in its right front leg.
    So - "When we told the said breeder about Hachi's health issues, the breeder said it had no idea" my bullshit detector went off.

    So, for me, THERE! right there, is where i pull the plug. She's just lied to you. STOP transacting, and get out. ie. return pup, find new pup. and learn my lesson.
    I want my dog i purchased, a breeding potential pedigree, with sound hip n elbow scores and excellent health. This is an investment you're making, the stock have to be right. And once you've established this, then checked the 2 rights make another right together!

    So when the breeder offers to refund your money, and take back pup. That was perfect breeder behaviour in my opinion.
    You refused. Im not sure that she is obligated in any way further to you?. Perhaps to report such a freakin miraculous genetic abhorrence out of 'good stock', to breeders assoc or something like that. Long story short, this dame aint no breeder. She's a sales person of a very cute product. What a winner she's onto.

    TELLING you to euthanaese the pup, is wise. Perhaps.
    But not her decision to make. You are in for a very sad quality of life with this dog, thousands and thousands in surgery fees. I hope you have insurance. But somehow suspect you might not. Ah well, there's a lesson there for all of us.

    If Vet A is the primary treating vetanary surgeon, and he asks Vet B to tell him whats his diagnosis, and proposed treatment plan, the risks and their management over the phone. This is known as a secondary consultation.
    Nothing is wrong with this. We've been doing it for humans for decades, with excellent improved outcomes, im sure dogs are no different.
    So Vet A is primary consultant, and Vet B is Secondary consultant. Should anything go wrong..... Vet B is in the shit, Vet A is in the clear, as acting under "expert medical advice" advice of Vet B.

    I hope this scenario ends well.
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    I have closed this thread.

    Anyone wanting details on genetic problems in the Havenese breed - there is a good list here.

    Havanese Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

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