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Thread: Im forgiven for leaving them.

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    Default Im forgiven for leaving them.

    Got back this week from uk 3wk trip without the hounds overseas.
    Tried to 'sneak' in front door, but bernie's 'bugger off' barking at taxi pulling up outside, turned into something akin to a claxton siren going off once he caught a whiff of our scent. Woke everyone in the street up to greet us. Bless.

    and as a reward....
    they got introduced to my son's new puppy yesterday. Who's now had all her vaccs.
    They adore her. bernie wanted her for his bed, Pohm wanted her for her bed companion. Pohm won.

    But oh that swishy tail of the long haired GSD wins again, pups cant resist it. Pohm's floppy jowls are a close second to bite. This pup is very bold. I held it for a cuddle, and it just launched its jaws into my face, i have a cut lip from it. little shit.

    What was interesting, was watching Sherlock pup (18 months) arrive, and mount Bernie as he was so excited to see him after 3 wks not. He got splatted and slapped for this, stood over and ignored for the arvo by Bernie. That'll teach the little poppit not to get above himself lol

    Pohm was doing her impression of a border collie, so light, fast and nimble like she NEVER is. She is lame today. Poor gal, has gained quite a few pounds during my leave, as not walked like i exercise her.

    Bernie had dreadlocks, 3 wks of not being groomed worth.
    Pohm has grown large, like bulked up seriously!
    give me 3 weeks, and she'll drop that weight fast.
    Hope my gained lbs drop as easily.
    Clotted cream and my body weight in pate and real ale. Oh dear.

    Its great to come back to dogs. Holidays without them are weird!

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    Ooh 'Bernie' - of course they are going to forgive you for being away - just depends on how long it takes them to come around !

    Pleased that you had a good time - but nothing beats being back home and sleeping in your own bed!

    Real ale ? over there ? - wash your mouth out ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    My true blue Aussie partner thought the same. < notice the past tense?

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