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Thread: Fostering - or maybe not

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    Default Fostering - or maybe not

    We have been thinking for a while to foster dogs and have even started the process with the RSPCA. However, on the weekend we met a pug and its puppy on our walk. And guess what ... our little, gentle, sweet Roxy was really mean to the pup! Initially she sniffed it quite interested but then all of a sudden decided that she hated its guts and started to growl and bark at it - nastily. Nothing playful or friendly in there... she acted like a real arse so I had to pull her away.

    I was quite shocked to see that because she is usually very gentle. I mean there are dogs she just dislikes like and she will voice that (loudly). Usually these are other ladydogs with a bit of history with Nero. But I would have never expected her being mean to a puppy, especially as she had a litter herself before she came to us. Is this normal?!

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    It can be normal... sometimes dogs meet other dogs that they just dont like. Just like you can meet one person and think they're great but two minutes later, meet another person and you cant stand being around them.
    On another note, sudden onset of aggression could be a sign of a health problem, so keep an eye on her!

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    Meika hates puppies too, as soon as they're in her face, she gets really growly and snappy.. I think it's their 'full on' attitude.

    Well done on considering fostering! I've never fostered a dog before but our first foster cat went to her new home on the weekend and we were all so upset and sad to see her go.. I imagine it would be so much harder with a dog as they bond with you more!

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