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    Default Dogs for Diggers

    I saw this segment on Sunrise the other morning and thought it was such a great idea! Dogs saved from death row, trained by prison inmates and then given to diggers who suffer from PTSD (and other things), as an assistance dog. It is such a heart warming story and I don't see how it can be anything but a benefit for all those involved.. the dogs lives are saved, the inmates learn a lot of valuable skills and the diggers get a companion who helps them greatly.

    They should look into having more programs like this throughout prisons and detention centres in Australia. Even if not all dogs go to diggers or people in 'need'- wouldn't it be great if any dogs who ended up unwanted could be fostered in a prison and trained until they were adopted by their forever family (instead of being in shelters)! What a great outcome for all involved!

    Dogs helping Aussie diggers - Sunrise

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    Its nice to see a good news story for a change.
    There are also programs in the US to bring home Military Dogs and even strays
    that the soldiers found in the street and took back to camp.
    Many stories of soldiers killed and their dog transported back to the parents/widows etc.
    I'm sure you have seen these anyway -

    The love of a soldier and his dog!

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    My business and school support the Young Diggers scheme and we offer free help and facilities for any member and their dog.

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    I love these schemes.
    I once worked at a place called The Fortune Centre. Where, each prisoner, was given either a horse, or a dog for the duration of their stay and was totally responsible for the animals welfare.
    for many, this was the most solid relationship they had ever experienced in their lives.

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