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    hi i hope someone can help me, i have an 18 month old bull arab x bull terrier shes a beautiful dog, very domisticated and great with my toddler and shihtzu but we are thinking about getting an alpaca and im not sure if her natural instincts will kick in and she will try to eat the alpaca

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    what natural instincts are you talking about? With all livestock and new animals you need to set the rules by introducing them with the dog on lead and teaching the dog how to behave around the alpaca. That goes for the little one as alpacas are happy to kick and trample smaller dogs and can kill foxes.

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    Sounds like your dog is gorgeously behaved. And someone has shown her this.
    Do the same with the alpaca as you did with any other animal you've introduced. As Nekhbet says.

    i have an extremely high prey drive dog. He chases everything i let him. Which in my world of cows, chickens, ducks, geese, donkey, horses, rabbits, roos is rabbits, for 30mins only. In 1 paddock only, with his harness on.

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