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    Why do animal shelters and adoption agencies spend big bikkies on one dog?

    Recently came across a large breed cross that had been put up for adoption but had hip dysplacia. Spent thousands on fixing the hip, many more hundreds on rehab, and now the other hip needs doing.

    To my mind, all that money, made in donations by you and me, should have been used to look after several other, fit and structurally sound animals.

    Does anybody have any experience with shelters and adoptions who can shed some light on this perplexing question.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    I wonder who makes the financial call in situations like this?
    How to balance the economics and the potential of different rescues would be heartbreaking.

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    maybe someone who liked the dog but couldn't home it themselves paid for the hip. Maybe the org wanted some better PR ie we do fix up dogs, we don't put all the sick ones to sleep...

    Same thing happens in the human world. Why do we spend squillions on an old fart who has had a triple bypass, and hasn't improved his life style at all... and all the young people who need basic things like cleft palate repair so they can eat properly - miss out.

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    I guess when rescue's are passionate about a certain breed or some distinguishing feature, they will do all they can for those dogs.
    I would think that it was either breed-specific or perhaps the fact that this dog had hip dysplasia really got to their heart.
    Sorry I'm not much help

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