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Thread: why is it so hard to find a non-cross maltese in Australia?

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    Default why is it so hard to find a non-cross maltese in Australia?

    Hi all

    I am new to the forum.

    I found it extremely hard to find a maltese for sale that's a pure maltese and not a crossbreed. Grrr!

    Ok so my back story is i do currently own a 2 yr old non-cross maltese. It took me literally 4 whole months to find him and i looked up ads almost daily for months. Yes i Admit. I am guilty of buying him from a BYB.

    Before i went the BYB route. i did call up several reputable registered maltese breeders to only be told by all of them. there were no puppies available at the moment. A couple mentioned there would be some available NEXT YEAR! Grrr!. Price was not an issue for me and i was willing to pay the high price for the right pure maltese. The issue was there was None available from the reputable breeders in my area and i had to resort to finding a non-mixed maltese with BYB.

    Every single time i saw an ad saying maltese, i was always disappointed to find out they were really a crossbreed. Alot of the ads were misleading and did not state they are mixed until you see the pictures and you can clearly tell they were mixed.

    during my months of searching. As my hopes were dwindling down to find a Pure maltese. I decided to broaden my search and include Pomeranian's and toy poodles. To my surprise i found Many poms that were Pure poms available. so many poms available that were not Mixed BUT.......

    Every single maltese and i saw was mixed! Grrr...

    In the end i did finally find one that was not mixed but it was a tough search.

    why is this? is maltese becoming a rare breed in australia that it's now hard to find non-mixed malteses?
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    The Maltese is definitely not becoming a rare breed in Australia. To get a purebred, registered dog from an ethical breeder, you will have to usually wait for around a year.. Most (ethical) registered breeders will draw up a 'list' of people wanting a puppy from them to ensure that every puppy is guaranteed a home BEFORE the litter is born and then it takes a lot of time to plan what the most suitable match for their bitch is, and the time it takes for a 'meeting' between the dogs or artificial insemination, then the gestation period and then you have to wait until the pups are at least 8 weeks old before they can go to their new homes.

    If you want an 'instant' dog, don't go to a BYB, you are supporting a massive problem in Australia that needs to be stopped! Go to a shelter instead and save a life, you may not get a 'purebred' but that doesn't make a dog any less special- my cross breed rescues are amazing and by adopting, you are saving a dog who would otherwise be put to sleep

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    Maltese pups currently listed by breeders on Dogs Online.

    Maltese Puppies for Sale from Maltese breeders, Australia.  14

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    I would think that a 12-month wait for any ethically-bred purebred dog would be pretty good.

    Aside from the reasons listed by other posters above, registered ethical breeders also usually only breed when they have found a suitable match for their dog, and also only produce a litter if they believe at least one of the pups in their litter will get them further along in achieving their ultimate breeding goal (such as improving an area where their current dogs might be lacking). Also, with all the sundry costs associated with producing a quality litter, breeding is expensive!

    I wish you all the best with your new pup, but hope that you have a good relationship with your pup's "breeder".

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    It took me literally 4 whole months to find him and i looked up ads almost daily for months.
    Ok - this is where you went wrong. A purebred - is not the same as an ANKC pedigree dog either.

    So to guarantee yourself a 100% pure maltese - you have to go to a breeder registered with ANKC (not just the local council). Or equivalent organisation overseas - but that will cost you approximately 20 grand in airfares and quarantine and other expenses to import.

    Best way to choose an ANKC breeder - is to find the local breed clubs and meet the breeders - often at shows or social gatherings. Meet their dogs and see if you like them, and that the owner likes you. The owner needs to be confident that you will provide a safe and happy forever home for one of their puppies. They get so many buyers who want an instant cute fluffy puppy.

    But - almost nobody has instant puppies because it takes a while for the breeder to decide they want to breed, and then choose a suitable pairing - and make sure there are no dna faults that would be likely to be expressed by that breeding combination, and then it may take 6 months for the bitch to be ready to breed (come on heat), and then it's another 3 months or so for the puppies to gestate and another 8 to 12 weeks after they are born before they are ready to go to new homes - though you should be able to meet them before that.

    So that adds up to nearly a year before you can take your puppy home from a responsible breeder. So four months - is not allowing enough time and will not get you respect from the kind of breeder owner you want to get a good quality puppy from.

    I really should put all that in a sticky in the puppy section or get an actual breeder to write up the process for me and do that.

    Bottom line - you need to be patient - or go to a rescue.

    The best I could do regards breed club in NSW is something called the "4ps All Toy Dog Club of NSW". Maltese are in the "toy breed" category.
    4ps All Toy Dog Club of NSW - The Pet Directory Australia - Dogs - World's largest online pet directory

    They're clearly not into having a web presence - so ring them up (they're probably not that great at emails either at least until they've talked to you) and go to a show or social event where the maltese breeders will be.

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