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Thread: Need a puppy name with an Aussie twist

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    Default Need a puppy name with an Aussie twist

    After 5 yrs I'm finally in a position where I can finally get a dog again and I met a breeder yesterday and fell in love with a male Alaskan Malamute puppy I've had mals before so I know what I am getting into

    Thing is I'm originally from Victoria, but now live in Ireland, so I want my dog to have a name with an Aussie twist His registered name will be xxx Down Under

    Names we have come up with so far are:
    - Jackman (as both the breeder and I love hugh jackman) but I'm not sure how easily it will roll off the tongue when I'm calling him
    - Banjo
    - Ned (as in Ned Kelly who was Irish / Australian)
    - Milo (as in the drink)
    - Zac (from ANZAC)
    - Warnie (no!!!)
    - Aussie (also no!!!)

    In my googling I've seen Jarrah also which is starting to grow on me. I am going to be doing some bikejoring with him when he's old enough so I need something I can call out quickly and easily. He's the biggest in his litter, but he is also the quietest and a little shy.

    So any ideas on what I can call this gorgeous boy who will soon be mine

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    I kind of like Milo Other names that come to mind: Errol, Max, Koori

    He is gorgeous by the way!! And shy? Aaaaaaawwwww....

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    Max - as in Mad Max

    Ledger / Legend (as in Heath)

    He looks like Gough Whitlam to me... but that's not very famous in Ireland...

    Also like names of grog... eg
    Fosters (tho nobody here drinks that)
    Cooper(s) - Cooper is a very popular dog name here, and also the name of a big creek in central Australia.

    Dusty - Australia is very dry and dusty...
    Bluey - tho this is usually reserved for Australian cattle dogs or blokes with red hair.

    Tiny - cos he won't be


    Vegemite - tho you can't really yell that across the paddock...

    Cobber - old Australian word for friend (know a kelpie named that)

    Barry - for Dame Edna
    Bazza - aussie for Barry (Bazza McKenzie)

    Mawson - famous Antarctic explorer and scientist (or someone who didn't mind freezing)

    Florey - discovered Penicillin

    Salty - salt water crocodile


    numbat - have fun explaining this one...

    cheeky papa - pitjantjatjara - for dog that bites

    Boomer - big roo or basketball player
    Bouncer - rather pathetic Labrador in Neighbours

    Then there are the Rugby Union players - I like MarkElla but there's quite a few Irish names like "Connor" and "Paddy Moran" in there too.
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    You could also call him "Bear"
    for "Drop Bear" aka Koala

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    thanks Margoo, he is gorgeous isn't he (although I'm biased!). Actually I don't know if shy is the right was to describe him - maybe laid back would be better. For example I was looking at him and his sister - they were both sitting on floor and the breeder was making noises to get their attention while I tried to take the photos. In the sequence of photos his sister had her head at different angles in every photo, really attending to what was going on, whereas he hadn't budged and was just like 'yeah whatever'. He's got an old wise face and expression I think.

    Great list Hyacinth - thanks for the suggestions and everyone keep them coming - they help me think of other names too.

    I like Cooper and the idea of a river made me think of Murray as a name too.

    I'd come across Mawson when I was looking up famous Australians for inspiration and I like the connection with Antarctica as well.

    I could never call him Numbat...the poor thing LOL!

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    It's about 1:30am here - so I expect the name suggestions will pick up in about 12 hours time when people get on their lunch breaks...

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    Youri (to hear)
    Mani- (equal)
    Kora- (companion)
    Cazaly (Up there Cazaly-AFL Song)
    Specky (AFL Slang)

    Swaney (Swan River)

    Millie (Sydney 2000 Mascots)

    Good luck finding a name, I like Milo though I also think Hyacinth's suggestion (Boomer) suits him well looking at the size of those paws lol .
    Jarrah is nice too.

    He sure is handsome...

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    The Walloper down under ( the police down under)
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
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    Gorgeous looking pup Mel.B

    Loving Zac, Jarrah & Cooper

    Also love Cazaly but it would get shortened to Caz which is a bit feminine for him!

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    Sorry to everyone but I love the name Hedger that Hya suggested. Australian and as hunky as they come, just like your boy
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    Long time no chat chops lol nice to see you back
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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