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Thread: Suggest Us a Breed! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BexBoo View Post
    We have thought about a rescue dog, but we'd prefer a purebred. The local RSPCA only really has larger more agressive breeds. I also worry about any anxiety or stressed behavior from a rescue dog.
    There are plenty more rescue groups than just the RSPCA- it does pay to have a look around I really wouldn't worry about anxiety or stressed behaviour, most rescue places offer a 'trial period' so if it doesn't work out, you're able to return the dog. And like Margoo said, if you get a dog that's been in a foster family, they are able to tell you all about the dog.

    Both my rescues are excellent, and after owning them, I will never go back to owning a dog from a breeder, there is something special about rescues, they seem more loving and a lot more thankful Plus overcoming a certain problem or issue with a rescue dog (with Molly, it was males approaching her) is the most rewarding experience ever!

    Plus if you're really worried, you could also rescue a puppy that was maybe born at the rescue, they'd be far less likely to have any 'issues'.

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    Ok, i'll have a look around. I don't know much about rescues as all of my family have purebred dogs.

    Im having more troubles getting any replies from breeders!! I must have emailed about 50!

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    If you tell us whereabouts you are, you'll probably find that some members here could come up with suggestions.

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    In in the Illawarra area. I think our favorites are still: Brittany, Schnauzer, Toller or Westie

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    I'd suggest you ring a few breeders rather than email. At least that's the way I did it and had no problems at all

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    It's a shame you don't like the look of the bull breeds. I would have suggested a Bull Terrier (probably a mini for your size requirement) or a Staffy.

    I am sure all those breeds you mentioned will have a breed-specific rescue organisation who would be able to match you up with the perfect dog for your family. A good breeder will, at the very least, know of, and at best, be involved in, such rescue organisations.

    Best of luck and happy hunting!

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