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Thread: Molly just earned some extra breakfast...

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    I know! I never leave my car unlocked or handbag in it but I got home from a friend's house and was going to run upstairs, pick something up and go shopping but I got distracted (typical) and didn't end up leaving the house Never again! Made sure I put my car in the garage last night!

    We do have sensor lights on both sides of the house but the neighbour whose backyard we look into complained to us last year that when the light is on, his dog can see our dogs and spends all night barking. I really don't understand because our dogs are always inside at night but we've always kept them turned off so we don't upset the bible-pushing idiot because he seems a bit 'nutty' and unstable. Definitely had them turned on last night though and will keep them turned on- if we wants to complain then I'll tell him exactly where he can shove his bible and the annoying pamphlets he puts in my letterbox every week

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean View Post
    thats pretty full on...but i dont think you'll have anything to worry about now they know ya have a dog.

    My wifes always suss on things at night...even me walking in the room when its dark has freaked her out before !!! (i'm not that creepy)

    one night i heard her jump out of bed and start yelling "oi, oi" and the dog going without thinking i went from totally asleep to jumping through the windows mozzie screen and full pelt running down the road chasing this prick that had my lawnmower !!!

    He ran off into the bush and i lost him...i stood there yelling at him all sorts of nasty threats. Thats when my neighbour and his brother ran out to see what was going on (1.00 am ya see) looked hilarious that both of them where only wearing jocks...then i clicked thats all i had on too

    So we devise this plan that they go one way down our street that looped on its self and i'd go the other...this prick is gunna get a lawnmower up his backside !!!

    So here i am semi naked walking through the neighbourhood at 1.00am looking for this scum when i come across a green ford truck that i knew none of the neighbours owned...sure enough the keys are in the !!! I took the keys and walked home to ring the cops but the wife had already done it.
    So i tell the other lads about the keys and this we trott to have another look.

    Then the best outcome i could have ever hoped for happened. Heres this scumbag sitting in his truck looking everywhere for his keys !!!

    He didnt even see me walk right up to the truck !!
    "what are ya doing mate "...i asked him.

    "ahh,ummm,ooo,,ahhh".... Thats all i needed.

    I opened the door and belted the living $h!t out of him...a huge headfbutt first then just went to town with my fists. Messed him up big time...blood everywhere i didnt neighbour eventually dragged me off him.

    So then theres 3 dudes with next to no clothes...a blood covered scumbag.....and a good 10 minutes at least till the cops would arrive !!
    He gave every excuse under the sun...claiming i had the wrong bloke.....he was going to charge me with assault ..,, ..

    Waiting for so long he nearly had me convinced i did have the wrong bloke and as his eyes kept swelling closed more and more i was beginning to think it was me that was going to be arrested !!

    Anyway the cops rock up and take statments from us all. He gets locked up and i was actually congratulated by the copper !!..who by the way didnt write down anything i said about beating him up !!

    for me it was the perfect ending to what was a pretty freaky, somwhat scary at the start event. I think back now and thank my lucky stars the bloke didnt have a knife or gun on him. It would be a diffrent story if he did. !! )
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    "No amount of time can erase the memory of a good dog or cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove their fur from your couch"

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