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    Default Puppies!

    Hi all!
    Haven't been on much the past few weeks so i thought it was time to update you on my babies. they are now 3 weeks old and boy do they have personality! they are all starting to show their own little quirks and starting to use the newspaper for toileting (still get wees in the bed at night but hey my 3 year old is still in nappies, who am i to judge! lol) they started solids on Monday and are going great, needed no encouragement just got straight in. Suzie has turned out to be a great mum, definitely making the most of being able to get away from them though, their little claws are a bit rough on her belly poor thing is a bit scratched up.
    Ive noticed one funny thing though, the 2 chocolate pups are noticeably smaller than the black and white pups, im thinking its just genetics as Suzie is a smaller framed dog but also wondering if there could be some other reason for it.

    any way here's some piccies!

    this one is from last week, i had a video too but not sure how to attach that, apparently its too big?
    these were taken last night, sorry about the quality they were taken with my phone

    A question for the more experienced folk, how old should pups be before spending some time in the yard? im just unsure if i should be waiting till they have had their 6 week vax or if they can go out a bit earlier

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    OMG they are gorgeous! Glad to hear that Suzie is doing so well.
    Do you know an experienced breeder who might be able to answer your question about spending time outdoors?

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    Very cute indeed...

    Will be hard to see them go to their forever homes.
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
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    Congrats !!! They are very cute. Puppies are soooo coooool !!!

    Everyone loves puppies !!!

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    Those pups are so cute!
    I have 3 children, they are all different sizes, why not the same for dogs?

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    They are gorgeous, but then I am biased.
    The pups should be able to go outside once their eyes are fully open and they can see what they are doing. I would start by putting up a fenced zone, not too big but giving a mixture of textures such as paving, grass and dirt with some safe plants - because they will chew them.
    We usually move our litters to a pen on the patio at around 3 weeks where they can move around a bit and get to feel the different textures.
    Quite funny watching a pup that has never been on grass - funny for us, but probably a little stressful for the wee thing.
    You can start instilling a recall here by using a clap and call to get them racing to you for a treat. Do it well enough and you will be able to let them out the pen and let them explore wider afield but able to get them coming when called. Just remember young pups have no idea how our world works or what the rules are so they need to be watched constantly.
    House training can start here too. When they first go in the pen, cover the whole area with newspaper. Reduce the size of the paper area every day until the pups, at around 7 weeks, can use just 1 or 2 pages spread out.
    Now when they go to their forever homes they will know to pee on the newspaper and this can be moved closer and closer to an exit door. Just warn the new owners not to leave the unread Sunday Mail lying on the floor.
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