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    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I recently adopted a 10 year old beagle. We were told by the kennel that she would be fine by herself for long periods and that she was suitable for apartment living.

    All signs pointed to this at the kennel. She was calm and friendly and whenever other dogs started barking she was completely uninterested. She is housebroken as well which is a huge bonus!

    She hardly ever barks in our presence and despite long walks every day and lots of toys she has been barking whilst we're away at work. Since she has been outside in our courtyard during the day, our neighbour has made two noise complaints and since we are in a strata situation we would have to return her if things escalated which would be a real shame.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can address this? She's completely uninterested in toys and never seems to tire - everything I've read indicates that dogs this old should be spending most of their day sleeping! I'm completely mystified as to how she has so much energy.

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    10 years old is not that old. Not like if it was 14 years old or even 18 years old.

    So what I'd do is take her for a walk every morning *before* work for at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour.

    And then put her inside (maybe in a crate - after crate training her to like being in a crate). That way if she does bark (and a beagle bark is one of the worst for neighbours), it's at least muffled.

    It's possible that your neighbour is banging on the fence or yelling at your dog and that will make the problem worse. If you think your neighbour does really like dogs, but would just prefer yours was quiet - then maybe you could train your neighbour to throw a handful of food over the fence if the dog is quiet. Really really important - no food when the dog is noisy or you just train it to bark more.

    But I keep my dog inside when I'm out.

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    If the dog has access to inside she should not bark.
    Not sure why, they just seem to feel more secure or something like that.
    Can you get a glazier to fit a doggie door.?
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    "despite long walks every day and lots of toys she has been barking whilst we're away at work."

    Beagles have the best nose on earth and good hearing so anything happening in your neighbourhood can excite her.

    True doggy doors are important, but can I ask about your walking regime? I have done a lot of research on this and I walk dogs for 45 minutes off lead in areas where dogs get a lot of exploration (trees bushes, and plenty of dogs). If your dog barks and its not in pain or hungry, it usually means you have not drained the energy.I know of people who walk their dogs for 2 hours before work EACH day. Yes its a task, but it could be the main solution. If you cant drain the energy, some firms suggest citrus collars, but this would be a last resort and taken under advisement of a professional.

    Good luck.
    Bruce is a "dog walker in inner west Melbourne" & sells "Healthy Dog treats." My dog Archie approves of these things.

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    I would give her a nice long walk before you go to work and then leave her inside. Can you contain in her in a reasonable area? I leave a couple of my older dogs inside all day and they dont make any mess at all.

    I have always given my dogs at least an hour exercise before work even when it meant getting up in the dark.

    I also have a couple of dogs that will spend hours trying to get kibble out of a treat dispensing ball.
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