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Thread: First time walking a bulldog

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    He looks like a koolie x staffy to me. Definitely staffy. Can't see French bulldog or kelpie. and the crazy eyes are common in koolies, some border collies and aussie shepherds. He does blend in quite well with the other cattle dogs. There is a kind of cattle dog that has a stumpy tail - so he might have a bit of that in (with the koolie?).

    I'm willing to bet he's super smart.

    I renamed my dog from "roany" - which you can't yell across a football field... to Frosty. Roan was that grey speckled colour - a term more often applied to horses and cattle than dogs.

    I always wanted to call a blue cattle dog "Rusty" - just because it's the Aussie thing to do...Tall blokes are "Tiny", short blokes are "Lofty", red heads are "Bluey"...

    The first thought that came into my head when I read you didn't like calling him "loner" was "Solo" as in Han Solo - star wars...

    Loner and roany are a bit groany for names.

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    The photo isn't a very good one he looks very staffy in it, however when he has is ears up he looks more like a bulldog. I'll try to get some better pictures up. True you can get stumpy tail cattle dogs but that wouldn't explain why his tail's so crooked. He is very smart, picks up on things really quickly he's even learning not to chase the cat.

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