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    Hi there,

    We recently purchased a Registered Jack Russell puppy (now 12 weeks).

    When we bought him we received a folder with all his paperwork. Now we need to register him with Council and realise he has not been micropchipped.

    I understood in Queensland it is law to microchip animals before sale or transfer.

    Is this law actually enforced or is it a case that we should have checked before buying him?


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    Hi Andrea and welcome to the forum!
    Yes, as far as I know he should be chipped.
    I'm guessing that the 'registration' you mention is with the council where the breeder lives? In NSW you can't register a pup with council unless he is microchipped.
    I'm also assuming you haven't yet taken him to the vet for a check-over? When you do go they will scan him to see if he has been chipped.

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    It is very definetely a legal requirement that all pups, born in Qld, have to be microchipped before they are sold. You will need to provide any Qld council with proof of chipping so I would get straight back to the breeder and insist she pays for this to be done immediately.
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    Hi Faullyn

    yes in Queensland all dogs and puppies must be microchipped before being rehomed or sold.

    There is something wrong with the breeder. I would get a quote from your fave vet to do it, and then ask the breeder to pay for it, and if they say no - then I'd dob them in to the council where they live or the Queenland department of Primary industries.

    I don't know if it is enforced much but it should be. It's one way to stop irresponsible puppy breeders.

    If they are ANKC registered - you can dob them in to the ANKC also.

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