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Thread: Needing some ideas on keeping a BC entertained alone without using food

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    I found most of my puppies teeth - with my bare feet. Still have them somewhere. Occasionally think about making them into a spikey necklace.

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    From your local plumbing supply store, buy a length of 35mm blue line mains polly water pipe ( may sell you a meter or two) and cut this into 25mm lengths. I know you said no food, but if you fill several of these with a peanut butter and large kibble mix and freeze them, then each dog will be occupied with his own pipecicle - or just cut them and leave them lying around the yard.
    I have used a length of bungy cord tied into a kong and attached that to a tree at ground level. As the dog pulls it away and drops it it will shoot away and he will chase after it.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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