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Thread: Research to find the perfect pooch has started

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    I guess, when we're at the pointy end - and have actually decided on a breed that works for us - the personality of an individual by the way they behave as a pup. And I guess a good breeder will also be able to inform us of personalities from their watching the one of the reasons I'd be useless as a breeder is because if there was a litter of pups, all I'd want to do all day is watch them and play with them like a big kid Anyway, even if a breeder is only able to sit with them for an hour a day, they will, I am sure have an idea of who's the mischevious one, who's the shy one etc?

    As you can imagine, everyone I have talked to, has an opionion on this, and I am taking it all on board....and am passing it on to you all who know more than me! Two other breeds that were suggested as possible options: Hungarian Vizslas (sp) and Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers. Though the terriers I am confused about with their coats, something about the original Irish and the American coats? Anyway, has anyone had experience of either of these two breeds please? They are also both beautiful looking dogs of about the right height (though Vizslas may be pushing it).

    Our second born will certainly have had his tests done before we go out scouting for poochies When I am going to test him out, my intention is certainly not to subject him unnecesarily to an allergic reaction. It is more about what we hope will be confirming a breed is NOT a risk to him, rather than seeing if it IS a risk if that makes sense?

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    Vizslas are nice dogs, short coats but they do shed. Similar coat to a german short haired pointer or Doberman or Rottweiler. Ie there's no fluffy under coat that I've noticed but they do shed. But they have much less fur than a golden retriever - so there's much less shedding. And Vizslas like to run.

    I don't know much about Wheaten Terriers. I've met one. It was a little bit aloof with me, not really that interested but did accept a pat without complaint. Vizslas are all over me and lean right in for a butt rub or ear massage. But I don't know if all Wheatens would be like that. They're a very hairy dog - probably a candidate for clipping regularily. The opposite of a Vizsla.

    I'm not sure I'd trust either of these breeds with small furry critters like your list: 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 2 rats and fishes. Terriers were often bred for killing vermin (aka rats) and Vizslas are originally hunting dogs too like pointers and labradors and I think a Vizsla would expect to be inside with the family. Any dog can be trained to be nice to your existing pets, but it may be harder if you're going against their breeding. A breeder would be best able to advise. Phone some up or visit a dog show where they will be.
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