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    Had a customer collect her Minpin this am. Firstly supposed to be here before 11 and arrived at 11.30 saying she got lost - on a straight road, and that was after I had given her specific instructions over the phone.

    Secondly, came to collect the dog but forgot the lead. I offered her one of mine but, no she will carry the dog to the car. Apparently, at the car, she put the dog down so she could open the door and guess what, yeah you guessed it, the dog bolted.

    Straight out the driveway, across the busy road and gone. We searched and called for 20 minutes and my customer was about to drive around the area when she gets a call saying her dog was at a house across the road.

    On second thoughts, maybe not quite such an idiot as she did have her phone number on the collar tag.
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    Oh no...lucky it didnt get cleaned up by a car mate.

    Theres alot of places for a pooch to hide around there.....lucky that number was on the collar. A women getting lost while driving ??? surely not...

    At least her dog walked through your front door i guess...not like a reluctant Bullmastiff that came to visit you 6 months or so ago

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    Time flies, I remember that Sean
    So fortunate the whole thing wasn't a disaster

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    Cluster F'ck.

    Red flag one - lost.
    red flag two - late. If you can get lost on a straight bit of road - you need to allow extra time to get to a place - how did the dog get there in the first place? Never mind...
    red flag three - no lead.
    red flag four - refuses your lead.

    At this point - I'd refuse to let her load the dog by herself. I'd probably want to clip it in harness into a seat before I let go of it too, so it couldn't bolt out the driver's door when she opened that. The dog is clearly trying to tell her something.

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