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Thread: neighbours who dont care for their dogs

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    Default neighbours who dont care for their dogs

    what do i do , i have a neighbour who has had numerous dogs over the past 2 years , they first had a large black labrador boofhead type dog, it was getting out all the time, and then its just dissappeared then the same neighbour got another two dogs, both designated dangerous breed boof head type dogs, they had dissappeared as well , then they got three puppies, they also dissappeared , now they have another three dogs who have over the past month and a bit attacked my cat viciously twice and yet they deny to council the dogs have been getting out, and on numerous occasions rangers have been called, so we decided to take photos of the dogs being out just after they had attacked my cat, now we have the neighbours accusing us of deliberately letting the dogs out just so they could attack my cat and get them into trouble with council,
    these neighbours dogs are already under a cloud for the first attack and for not being registered , and for having more dogs than council allows as they arent purebreds, nor are the neighbours registered breeders, and we think that the neighbours made these accusations just to stop them from being fined again and losing the dogs
    what does everyone think.

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    I had to have a chuckle at "designated dangerous breed boof head type dogs" I am assuming from your description you probably mean staffies/pit bull type dogs.

    Anywho they don't sound like very responsible dog owners. If I were you I would start documenting each time the dogs are out and have photo's with time stamps on them as proof. I would also put in a complaint against them for the attack on your cat. If anything the dogs can be declared dangerous which would mean the owners would have to follow strict guidelines on keeping them. I am sure they would soon disappear shortly after this was done. Really it is your work against theirs and who will the council believe?

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    "and for having more dogs than council allows as they arent purebreds,"

    does your council have different rule for 'pure breeds'?

    Our council just has a higher fee for 'dangerous dog' and very little other enforceable restrictions.
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    I have a neighbour, who's adult male pug, is banished to the under the house, bomb site coz they are building and run out of money environment.
    Sometimes it is locked in drive way. All concrete, no shade. And on the hot days, it was registering 46 where dog was trapped. I put an umbrella up and some water over the dog and gave it a drink. Its a lovely dog. Well trained, non complaining sort.

    so i now 'visit' him daily. As does my daughter, as both of our hearts ache for this dog.
    his quality of life is appalling, yet thoroughly legal.

    The neighbours: self employed builder male, mother of 5 children law student female. They are busting their arses working long hours. The oldest children 16 and 17, look after the smaller ones. The kids are happy, confident, well adjusted, socially skilled poppits. These are not bad people at all. They are like many parents, time poor.

    so we visit him daily, and i take the dogs into that part of my garden, that adjoins, and so they can all say hi.
    on the way out for a walk, and on the way back.
    Its not a lot, but it is a distraction for 10 mins or so, twice a day.

    Before we moved here, there was a chocolate lad, kept in the field with the horse nearby.
    It had a barrel for a dog kennel.
    No company, and such a friendly thing.
    I would walk same route every morning, and whilst the property was in a centre of a field, the dog would be at the exact same spot every morning, on the dot, waiting for us. Then we'd walk the perimeter fence together. Even trapped dogs love a walk with others.

    I think sometimes we forget, that its within our power to assist others
    I wish a neighbour would come and ask to walk mine, id say yes please in a flash!
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