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Thread: Changing from puppy to adult food

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    When we got our rescue GSD girl who was 7.5 mths at the time I was told by GSD rescue that you can put a pup on adult kibble at 3 mths of age...the same was said from someone in the GSDL.
    The reason was that puppy kibble contained too much protein and too much would affect growth...the slower the growth the better so this is now the way to go.
    I have always kept mine on puppy kibble till 12-18 mths, so what are your thoughts on this...are they right or not.
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    Black Hawk Holistic - says about 300 to 350gm for target weight of 35kg (on the adult food)

    One level standard metric cup holds about 115gm of Black Hawk lamb and rice kibble.

    My vet said for a desexed dog - you can cut back the amount the manufacturer says by about 1/3 - cos a desexed dog needs less food than an undesexed one. It does depend some on how much exercise a dog gets. My dog gets a bit extra when we go out to the park or beach - because she gets training treats then. If we don't go out or not so long - she doesn't get as much - so I figure that balances out the extra exercise or lack of it.

    And Labradors seem to have super efficient metabolisms - they get fat easily. And to a lot of people - fat labs look normal - but being fat is extra hard on their joints - hence so many older labs are fat and lethargic - probably because they're in pain.

    I'm not sure how old a lab should be before you swap to adult dog food. If the dog is already fat, then now might be the time. My vet (and he breeds Labradors), said 6 months and then swap - but I kept my dog on puppy food till she was 12 months.

    When you do swap foods - swap 1/4 of the portion at a time eg first day of swapping 1/4 new stuff to 3/4 old stuff, next day half and half, and then 3/4 new stuff to 1/4 old stuff, then all new stuff.

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