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Thread: Very sick 20mnth old beagle

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    Unhappy Very sick 20mnth old beagle

    Hi there,

    I have a beautiful, adoring beagle named Charlie. He is my best friend, my shadow, my shoulder to cry on, etc. He is my whole world. On friday night he was laying on the couch and I went to cuddle him. He's always been a "mumma's boy" and loves his cuddles with me, but this time something was off.

    He wasn't resisting me, but it felt un-natural somehow. I lay stroking him and fell asleep for about 20mins. When I woke up he was lying in exactly the same position which is very unusual for him. I picked him up and carried him down to our bedroom and put him on the bed. It was almost like he was paralyzed and unbearably tired. He didn't alter his position in the slightest. I stroked his head and felt that his ears were quite cold, so tucked him in. When I checked on him an hour later, he was still in the same spot. Other than that, nothing else was off so I didn't worry too much, he'd eaten his dinner etc, was going toilet normally.

    He slept right next to me the whole night, and when we woke up he was still in the same position. I went to pick him up and he started groaning a little. I took him outside to go to the toilet, but when I put him down he was hunched over and started whining. After some coaxing he relieved himself, very slowly went back inside to sleep. By now I was very concerned. I called the Vet and booked him in right away. Usually when I grab his leash he starts "talking" to me and running in circles. Now he just looked at me, put his head down whined and closed his eyes.

    He needed to be carried to the car and into the vets. His temp as 37.8, which isn't too low, but the vet said it was a little concerning since he'd been inside sleeping with me. We ran bloods, which all came back normal. The Vet said he was showing some discomfort in his lower back and abdomen, but Charlie wasn't giving much away. He just stared at me and stayed quiet. The vet sent us home with some pain killers for him, gave him yesterdays dose in an injection, and two pills for today. We were told to keep a very close eye on him and if anythng got worse to take him straight to emergency.

    Shortly after getting home Charlie started whining a lot more. The vet had told us the injection would be well and truly working within 2 hours, and that if Charlies sypmtoms were pain related he would be a "much brighter dog" by then. 3 hours later Charlie was whining more, everytime he moves his breathing gets a little labored, and he cries. He's very agitated if people try to touch him, I can only soothe him by talking to him and kissing his head.

    If he's not better by morning, he's booked in for xrays and more blood tests. Nothing in Charlie's day to day activities was different leading up to this, no different food... nothing. Just very suddenly got very very ill. If anyone has had anything like this happen to their dog, please please let me know if and what the vets found and did to fix it. Our vet seems a little stumped. I'm worried sick, I can't leave Charlie's side, he keeps trying to find me when I go to do something but then cries if I touch him, or cries because he's moved around too much.

    It's just after lunch time, and a whole afternoon and night of this ahead of me is torture. I just want my baby to feel better. He's had his pain killer but it's made no difference what-so-ever. His ears are still cold, he ate breakfast but only because I gave him something special to hide his painkiller, and he's not drinking much. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for the huge write up, it's so hard to just write something short and simple when I'm so totally beside myself with worry. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm guessing he's got a bad pain in his stomach and he's eaten something really bad. Some time before he had dinner on Friday night.

    was going toilet normally
    some coaxing he relieved himself, very slowly went back inside to sleep
    If he's eaten something like strapping tape at the park or a rock or a large piece of bone, or he's got some sort of gut twist (torsion) - he might be able to eat dinner but that will make him feel incredibly uncomfortable if the whatever it is that blocked every thing up. I'd have been at the vet by Saturday morning (much cheaper than waiting till Sunday arvo). And I'd be forking out for xrays.

    Normal temp for a dog should be a bit higher than a human's normal temp. I am not a vet - but a high temp I'd guess means some sort of infection or disease. I would guess a gut blockage might not give a high temp until infection happens because of it.

    I've been pretty lucky with my dog, she's had a couple of blockages because of bones and she's either vomited them up, or they've gone through and caused some discomfort at the other end. If she gets a bone now - I usually take it away from her or make sure she's not biting off big bits. For some other things like strapping tape - she's been to the vet for the vomit treatment several times as a puppy.

    If it's a smooth sided thing they've swallowed - the vomit treatment within 30 minutes to a couple of hours of swallowing is a good option. If it's spikey like a fish hook - then maybe not. Surgery would be your best option then. A friend had to have a large piece of bone removed from her dog, cos it inhaled it and damaged its trachea. $6K later... dog is much better now - and still gets to eat bones (though it wouldn't if it was my dog).

    Beagles - are notorious for finding and eating things they shouldn't so here's hoping it's that and you get it sorted in time.

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    Hi charliebrown007, sorry to hear about Charlie's problem.
    Fingers and paws crossed here for you.
    Please keep us updated. Good luck.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. Sorry I obviously wasn't very clear, Charlie was in at the Vets first thing Sat morning, we were told as long as he stayed stable over the weekend we would avoid the costs of emergency on Sunday. His temp was considered low, not high. He's a much brighter dog today, though still some whining and occassional signs of discomfort. Despite his appearance of being better, he's booked in for another exam, and if the vet feels necessary, xrays. His temp feels normal again (I could tell by his ears that his temp was low). I have had a Border Collie swallow a fish hook when I was young, which ripped his stomach and lodged at the base of his esophagus, almost 8 years ago now, and that was an $800 operation... boy have the prices changed over the years!! Thanks very much for your replies, it's been a harrowing weekend, but thankfully Charlie seems much better. Very keen to get to the Vets again though just to be absolutely sure that he's on the mend! Thanks again will let you know how we go!

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    Hi there- I have a 8 yr old beagle.
    How is Charlie now- has he bounced back?

    My 2 cents worth:
    Beagles will eat anything. Mine has eaten lunch boxes, lego, rat bait (with no issues!!), crayons, pegs, counter surf none stop, clothing, rocks etc. I even knew a 14 kg beagle that ate a 20kg bag of kibble and had its stomach pumped ASAP... If it smells good they will eat it. I know quite a few beagle owners who have lost dogs after they have eaten something strange and suffered some sort of obstruction and or torsion.

    My 2nd thought is a back issue. Our dog has suffered with a back issue- he just stayed very still in a hunched sort of manner barely moving and whining. Vets just give meds. We have had great success with a dog osteopath, and his back seems very good now. Minimise all big jumping... and keep their wt down!! we only feed once a day- and follow a grain free RAW type diet.

    Best of luck- I really hope there was a simple explanation.

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    Yup how is he?

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