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Thread: about my puppies

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    Question about my puppies

    HI, everyone, I got a puppy 4months ago. and my puppy bite me alot, makes me worried about rabies, can anyone tell me is the dog very safe in Australia? or do I need to seek a doctor, thanks alot guys.!

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    Rabies is not present in Australia

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    Hi '826001672' - and to the forum !

    Here is a link to this forum where you can find heaps of information regarding - puppies biting' !
    Have a good look around the other threads on this forum and I hope you enjoy being a member here !

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    If your puppy breaks your skin - you might not get rabies but you can get infections - especially if you live in the tropical parts of Australia. So if the place where your puppy bit you is red and itchy and/or oozing yellow goo - you need to see a doctor.

    Your puppy may also be in danger if you continue to let it bite people, you need to teach it gently that biting is not a fun thing to do to humans (or anything else you don't want it to chew). And your puppy may need to see a vet for vaccinations, desexing, and I hope you are getting it wormed and checking for fleas and ticks (depending where you live).

    Your vet can also give you lots of advice on how to look after your puppy and where to go to learn how to train it.

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    The closest thing to rabies we have in Australia is the Australian Bat Lyssavirus, which is carried by bats. I wouldn't be concerned about contracting rabies from your pup, but I'd still be discouraging biting and making sure your pup is vaccinated and healthy and that you clean any injury to yourself as you would when you get any other sort of injury.

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