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Thread: Links or pictures of you'r dogs favourite/ most time consuming toy that you've bought

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    Default Links or pictures of you'r dogs favourite/ most time consuming toy that you've bought

    Hey guys, i wanted to know if they were any toys you reccomend for a pup that is bored during the day when im away at work. I'm looking for something that could make him think / use up time and keep him occupied for a few hours...

    What do you guys swear by or recommend?

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    I like a bob a lot - but that lasts about 5 minutes before its empty with my dog.

    Squirrel dude is quite good too - until I put something a bit hard to get out and she ate the bum off it.

    These things are super durable.
    Dog Toys, Zoo Toys, Horse Toys - Aussie Dog Products - Aussie Dog Products

    some people get about 8 kongs - the black ones for a strong dog - mine destroyed the red ones -
    stuff the kongs with chicken or other soft dog food and freeze them. Stash around the yard or house in different places... Roll some up in old towels or newspaper so they stay frozen longer but can still be found and "unwrapped".

    A sand pit in a clam shell with toys in it may also amuse some dogs.

    Best thing is to do some sort of physical and mental exercise - before you go out. Like trick training, or run around the pole, then run around the other pole, then do some tricks, then run around the pole and fetch the ball stuff. Five to ten minutes of trying to get my dog to learn a new trick, wears her out more than 30 minutes of walking. Swimming is also good for tiring a dog out. But you have to engage their brains too, eg ask for a sit before you throw the ball etc. Otherwise you just end up with a really fit destructo dog.

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    Look for 'fake' kongs on ebay...very strong and about half the price.

    My guys chew on cow hoofs and frozen marrow bones through the day to keep them from destroying my gardens.

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    I got my pup a kitten, he thinks it's the best chew toy ever.. not sure the kitten agrees but Dex will have to watch out, the kitten is quickly getting bigger than him. But seriously my pup and the kitten get along pretty well and I'm sure it helps Dex to have some sort of living company while no one's home. Obviously that's not a practical solution for everyone. Dex also gets toys rotated, he loves anything he can destuff and floppy things he can thrash around and rip at. My problem at the moment is that the kitten also likes these things and keeps running off with them so Dex ends up with nothing, poor dog! I find I get ant problems if I leave any meaty things in toys lying around, so I just put kibble in his food toys. He gets frozen chicken wings in summer too.

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    This is Rafeal's favorite, though I don't think it's quite what you had in mind haha.

    I find the best toys are kongs and anything that encourages them to think/ problem solve.
    Rafeal also likes the cat mouse which vibrates when he pulls the string (does it all by himself), though I can't leave it with him unsupervised.

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    definitely a kong with peanut butter inside my girls love it!
    laylah loves any kind of bird squeaky toy but she can only play with them when im watching her otherwise she eats them lol

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    Koda's favourite toy is a 20 liter drum
    Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 10.53.11 AM.jpg
    He runs around the yard carrying it by the handle and he throws it up and kicks it around! He just adores it!
    But in terms of toys that are actually meant for dogs, i'd also vote for the Kong! I have a black Kong for Koda and i stuff it full of boiled egg! Takes him all day to get it all out!

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    My dogs favourite toys are each other.

    Barney is not really a toy guy, but if Pippi wants to play (which is about 23 hours out of the day) he is always up for it.

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    Mine love toys.
    a 2ft long red gum log. Too heavy for dogs to lift, it MUST be rolled. I put it out in garden, and it takes em all day to put it back where it belongs, next to their beds. This 'toy' is now 5 yrs of age and still going strong.

    sherlock pup is brought in for doggie day care occasionally


    coke bottles filled with stock and frozen and tossed into garden early am for attacking

    i hide dog treats to 'find' in dirt, up trees etc

    and always always have bones daily. A fat marrow bone sawn in half and a end each.

    then there are the mice, rabbits, parrots, roos, wombats to keep em entertained should they get bored.

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