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Thread: Staffy questions, and more

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    I think PTS might be the best option for this pup. Either that or you take the problem off your BIL's hands now - tho he will probably go out and ruin another puppy. You could tell your story to the SBT club, and especially the breeder of that puppy. If the breeder was ANKC registered (read dog obsessed) they may well want their SBT back and be able to help you.

    The worst problem is - what if it's some unsuspecting person that gets bitten by this dog next? A meter reader? A tradie? A kid trying to get their ball back from over the fence?

    You could have another chat with the RSPCA and the Police about what criteria need to be met in order for them to step in and prevent disaster. I think the council would need the police to go with them anyway if they wanted to get the dog - given how much of a thickhead your BIL seems to be.

    It would be very hard to sort a SBT that was fearful and nervous to start with and was then abused for its entire life. RSPCA would probably love to help but it's hard to define dog abuse well enough unless the dog has no water and no food all day - now. Especially the water. An "enriching environment" is hard to define, can be slightly different for every dog, and hard to measure and enforce.

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    I'm amazed that the RSPCA didn't want to get involved ... although I guess Hyacinth probaby has made some good points about the legalities.

    Given you have the facilities(and a very good knowledge of dog behaviour) to confine the dog I'd like to see you give it a go, prior to pts. There's every chance that it won't work and you will have to pts anyway and it's impossible to really have any good understanding of the dog for us internet supporteres but I have a belief that Staffords are not only genuinely human friendly but also extremely smart and adaptable. I have no doubt it will be difficult and possibly imposible but I really do hope you give it a go.

    If the dog is DA, you really need to ensure that it can't have a go at your dogs, a Stafford will almost certainly win a fight, even with a GSD.

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    If you have a soft spot for this dog then I don't think giving it a go would do any harm.
    Set yourself a time limit and when you get to it think about what you have achieved and if it is worth continuing, at least then if you have to pts then you know you at least tried.

    I suggest a time limit as you don't want things to drag along without progress.

    I think you can get collars that say something along the lines of dangerous dog, when on walks it would be useful to avoid strangers touching him or letting their dog off leash near yours.
    Whatever happens, just remember that none of it was your fault, I hope he isn't planning on getting another dog until he realizes the effort he needs to put in.

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    I remember this dog and his piece of crap owner from previous stories. I feel sorry for the dog so I can only imagine how you feel.

    It is a crying shame that it is so hard to get the RSPCA to act. There are so many dogs that are simply rotting away in backyards feeling terribly unhappy that they cannot help. And it makes me even more angry that the councils don't care at all. They only act if there is a threat to humans and would usually prefer dogs to just be kept away from humans altogether, I sometimes get the impression.

    It is very hard to tell whether this dog can be saved because you have not been able to assess him in a more neutral environment. Do you know if he is DA? The HA issue is a very big one to take on. But again, very hard to know what's what without a proper assessment of this dog's mental condition.

    I do hope you get a chance to report this guy to the RSPCA. Even if it ends up not helping the dog much (or his next one). More people should stand up for these poor dogs and let others know that this kind of treatment is unacceptable. Good on you for caring, Bernie.

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