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    Default Very strange behaviour...

    Well I should start this thread by telling you the story of what happened the other night. There I was, on the couch watching tv when suddenly I saw the largest cockroach I have ever seen. In fact, it was about 1/3 larger than any other roach I've encountered in the past. Not only was it the biggest cockroach, it was also a very capable flier - I really haven't seen many cockroaches that flew and this one flew as well as any moth. I am embarrassed to admit that I completely lost it. It kept flying at my head and so as you do, I started screaming and running around the house. Well fortunately Sammy was there and unlike me, he was extremely excited about having this large insect in the house. He was leaping all over the place and finally caught the roach mid-flight.

    Now is when it gets weird. Sammy devotes a good portion of his day to catching insects, which is great except for that fact that he also devotes a good portion of his day to trying to lick me :s Anyway, when he catches a fly, he just kills it and moves on to the next, leaving the fly dead on the ground. However, should he catch larger prey like a moth, cricket or roach he behaves in a very different manner. He disables it so it can no longer fly or really escape, and then sits and watches it. Whilst he's doing this though, he produces a foam like substance and coats the insect. Sammy does not normally drool, even around meal times and this isn't like clear saliva, it's bubbly foam. It's like he's trying to net it and drown it all at the same time.

    He has always done this, but only with insects. If he catches a rabbit, again he doesn't really kill it but he holds it and plucks it. Only insects bring out the foam.

    Here are some pictures to illustrate. Firstly one of the giant cockroach and the second is post-foam.

    Would love to know why he does it, or if no-one knows, I'd also love to hear about weird things their dogs do lol.

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    Firstly i have no idea about why your dog does what he does. He is a hell of a lot braver than me though.
    Being born and raised in Qld i absolutely HATE cockroaches. The fact that they can not only crawl but also fly after you gives them one hell of an unfair advantage in my opinion!
    I currently live in Tassie so no cockroaches here.
    I am however flying to Brissy tomorrow for a week and now all i'm gunna be thinking about is when the next cockroach is gunna come crawling or flying out of it's hidey hole to follow me around and try to land on me and i swear they hone in on you. The more you scream and wave your arms they more they just wanna be near you.
    Disgusting buggers they are.
    If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret

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    As I have never - nor do I want to - eat or taste cockroach or cricket !

    Just going by the smell of them after they have been squished - particularly cockroaches - I would say poor Sammy didn't like the taste of the cockroach in his mouth and the saliva bubbles are just his way to get the horrible taste out of his mouth ! You see those sort of bubbles if your pup is feeling nauseous or going to be sick/vomit.

    The reason Sammy is just watching the insect - is that he is not dumb enough - just now - to put it is his mouth again ! Yes, they forget and it will most probably happen again ! They do eventually learn to leave them alone !

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    I'm with RileyJ on this one. Noticed the foam when ever my dogs get hold of a cane toad. Dead cert sign to get up and get the hose pipe to wash their mouth out.
    Nev Allen
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    Thanks guys I think you're right. I had read that dogs could foam at the mouth from eating an unpleasant insect or poison, however, Sammy does this with all insects, including moths etc and he has been doing it all his life (3.5 years). I'm guessing he doesn't like the taste but that his prey drive is so strong, he simply can't leave them alone. He never really puts them in his mouth, he does like hit and run attacks and uses his paws once they're on the ground so it's like he knows he won't like the taste, but can't pass up the opportunity for a hunt. He will whack it with his paw until it can't really move anymore and then stand over it and foam lol. Very funny to watch though the clean up is a bit gross... Even if doesn't taste it, maybe it's like Pavlov's dogs lol where he foams in anticipation of the foulness...

    Tkandz Sammy fears only one thing - chairs. He went to sleep one time under a chair and when he went to get up the chair was stuck on his back. To this day if a chair moves, he will try to avoid it. And I agree, you'd think waving your arms and screaming would scare cockroaches away but it's like a beacon to them :s

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    My husband had a dog that would catch bees, envelope them in spittle and spit them out. Every now and again he would get stung but it didn't cure him.
    So I guess some dogs just like it.

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    WOW this is a new thing for me! Misha loves to chase and catch insects, she doesn't try to eat them, just plays with them until they are dead
    And none of my previous dogs have done the foam thing! Good on Sammy for knowing what tastes bad LOL

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    cockroaches smell really bad when squashed and don't taste too good either (I don't remember how I know this).

    I got the fly swat out today and dispatched a fly... Frosty got really REALLY EXCITED about that.

    I don't know why.

    She's not the only dog that gets excited about hunting flies with fly swat either.

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