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Thread: Seeing the end of off lead dog parks in my area.

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    I live rurally, in a nature reserve wetland. I have my back fence, then miles and miles of bush to play in.
    But i have lived in QLD, where these dog parks was all i had access to legally. It was not the sort of dog socialising, i welcomed. I loved the friendly people, and love meeting folks, but the dog were bad mannered. And the owners ignorant of dogs.

    Ive lived in a city, where all i had was pavements. We did tracking to exercise the dogs.

    I have longed to live in a place like i do now all my adult life. I am fully aware of how fortunate my dogs and I are.
    (only had one spider bitten dog so far. It survived, but was paralysed for a while hips down) Id carry antivenom, but apparently it is unstable outside of refridgerated, and expires in a fast time. So i have Vitamin C shots to give my dogs if bitten whilst out.
    I got the notion from this forum. I cant remember who posted it. Perhaps the mods could find it please?

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    was it this post?

    I don't remember anything about vitamin C and spider bite.

    I do remember something about Vitamin K or Potassium? for after the vet has finished the dog being on a drip after eating rat poison. But that's definitely a vet emergency.

    Or this one - the post from NattyLou
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