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Thread: Why so mice friendly?

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    We have mice and rats here as well just started to increase. I use a stack of single traps and also Racumin paste. They completely destoyed the electrics in the workshop and garage and they get into cars and machinery. I now have no compunction using poison. I dont like it but the house would be awash with poo - they get into the beds and wee and poo all over the sheets and chew through plastic containers to get at food and contaminate the sheep feed in the shed. I just leave poison under the house and traps in the house and it soon sorts them out. They also attract snakes into the yard.

    I was round at a neighbouring farm eating dinner when a mouse dashed out from under a cupboard and carked it right in front of us.

    My mum was visiting and she woke up in the night to the feel of a mouse nibbling on her fingers. These days I have a pretty good strategy to keep them at bay.
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    I don't mind the single mouse traps. But you have to get different sizes. The traditional ones usually don't kill the babies, but the plastic 'jaw-like' ones do. I learnt to finish off mice that got trapped but weren't dead and got so used to removing dead ones when we had a minor plague one winter when we didn't have a cat.

    My daughter actually had pet mice at the time. And if she forgot to close their cage and they got out, my dog would kill those with one swift grab and shake. She killed 3 that way. But she would let the filthy feral mice walk right past her and wouldn't even blink! Same with the Jack Russel I borrowed from a friend for a weekend. I had seen her catch mice outside, but in the house she ignored them!

    I do also second the cat. They're not the most humane killers but I've lost all sympathy for mice and I have always hated rats. I'll support whatever it takes to get rid of them! And once their numbers are under control, you might be lucky and your cat might just eat any mice or rats she catches whole so you don't have to remove them at all. Though my cat once vomited up a one leg, a tail and an unidentified internal organ that had belonged to a rat. But that kind of stuff doesn't even make me retch these days. Plastic bag, scoop, bin, forgotten.

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    I caved after it all got a little plague proportions here. I live surrounded by grasslands. Its mouse haven for goodness sakes here.

    I have a queenslander style house. With a enclosure built into under the house that can be secured so dogs cannot get in there.
    I bought bait, and threw it under the house.
    Its been 24 hrs, and the numbers have dropped dramatically!

    The cat notion.....
    i was tempted. Only the fact that we tend to go camping a lot, and wont have a cat sitter deters me.

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